Former German minehunter becomes training ship

German marine technology school (MTS) Parow has officially received EX Ensdorf, a hollow rod steering boat that was once part of the German Navy’s HL 352 class of minehunters.

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), gave its approval for the use of Ex Ensdorf as a training hull on November 11.

The Ensdorf replaced its old and obsolete predecessor Ex Frauenlob, a lead-ship of the 394 class of vessels whose decommissioning was completed in 2002.

The new training hull will provide Parow students with a better presentation of what the actual navy ship decks look like and what the students will be expected to do once they join the service.

Back in March 2015, German shipyard Tamsen Maritim GmbH was contracted to perform a number of modifications on the ship which would allow it to serve as a real-life-like education platform. The modifications included the installation of zero thrust propellers for pierside testing and integrated training walls.

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