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  • 14 August 2019

    A UK-led joint staff of Royal Navy and French Marine Nationale assumed command of the Bahrain-based Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 from the Pakistan Navy on August 8. During the ceremony at the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) headquarters in Bahrain, command of CTF 150 was passed from Commodore Alveer Ahmed Noor of the Pakistan Navy […]

  • 23 March 2020
    Authorities, Vessels

    On March 19, 2020, Royal Australian Navy handed over command of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150) to a combined French/United Kingdom team. At a ceremony in Bahrain, the team led by French Marine Nationale Captain Jacques Rivière assumed command of CTF 150 from Australian Commodore (CDRE) Ray Leggatt. Since Australia assumed command in December 2019 […]

  • 28 June 2017

    The French-UK led Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 seized nearly two tons of narcotics in the last two months during an operation called Southern Surge. The seizures included 1250 kg of heroin and 455 kg of hashish. Narcotics trafficking, particularly heroin, has long been associated with funding terrorism. It is estimated by the UN Office […]

  • 27 July 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll joined the international Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150) during a recent visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Currently under command of Royal Navy Commodore Steve Moorhouse, CTF 150 is part of the 32-nation Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), is responsible for disrupting the illicit activities of terrorist organisations in the Western Indian […]

  • 3 February 2015

    Commodore Brian Santarpia from the Royal Canadian Navy, the current Commander of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150), recently returned to the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) headquarters in Bahrain after a visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Commodore Santarpia recognised the strong commitment and contribution to CMF operations from the Jordanian Armed Forces during the visit. He met […]

  • 25 February 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Marines have tested their skills and know-how by fast roping from a helicopter onto HMS St Albans flightdeck. Using St Albans’ Merlin helicopter, one by one members of the ship’s Royal Marines Boarding Team (RMBT) carried out one of their most dangerous training exercises – descending from a helicopter onto the deck of a moving […]

  • 17 May 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    The French Navy frigate La Fayette seized 260 kg of heroin when interdicting a “suspicious dhow” in the Red Sea on May 11. It is her third seizure of narcotics in less than a month, the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) said. In an operation coordinated by Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), Marine Nationale Frigate […]

  • 12 December 2014
    Authorities, Research & Development

    The Commander of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, Commodore Brian Santarpia, met with senior leaders in Pakistan’s maritime safety and security agencies in Karachi during a two day visit on 8 and 9 December 2014. Pakistan remains a key contributor of ships, aircraft and headquarters staff to Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) operations, having joined it […]

  • 11 September 2012

    Commodore Tarrant, Royal Navy, relieved Commodore Mukhtar Khan, Pakistan Navy, as Commander Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 (maritime security), during a change of command ceremony conducted by Vice Admiral John W. Miller, Commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command / Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet / Commander, Combined Maritime Forces at Naval Support Activity, Bahrain, August 30. […]

  • 27 January 2020
    Authorities, Vessels

    On January 18, less than two weeks after its first drug bust of 2020, French frigate Courbet (F 712) made the second drug bust while operating in direct support of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150). As informed, over 3,000 kg of hashish was discovered on the dhow in the Gulf of Oman, with an […]

  • 26 November 2018

    Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon has seized three tons of hashish in a Persian Gulf operation, the Royal Navy informed. The Portsmouth-based destroyer was on patrol in the Middle East when they came across a suspicious dhow – a type of vessel common to the Middle East – in a notorious drug smuggling […]

  • 15 June 2017

    Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 of the Bahrain-based Combined Maritime Forces achieved a record number of drug interceptions in a four-month span, with 10 drug seizures totaling over 3,300 kilograms of heroin, cocaine, cannabis resin and hashish since March. It started with the Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Arunta (FFH 151) on March 2, when […]

  • 5 August 2016

    The Pakistan Navy has taken command of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) after conducting a handover ceremony with the Royal Navy. Commodore Bilal Abdul Nasir of the Pakistan Navy assumed command of CTF150 from Commodore Guy Robinson of the Royal Navy on August 4 in a ceremony held at the […]

  • 5 March 2019

    Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon has seized over 2,000 kg of hashish in her sixth drugs bust in three months. The Portsmouth-based warship seized the hashish just days after seizing 49 kilos of heroin. The suspect vessel was spotted by the warship’s Wildcat helicopter during a night-time sortie. After closing in on the […]

  • 21 August 2017

    The crew of Royal Navy frigate HMS Monmouth have completed a five-month deployment to the Gulf and Indian ocean where they contributed to fight against arms and drugs smugglers. The UK and France commanded a multinational naval task force which has scored eight drugs busts over the period, seizing 1.75 tonnes of narcotics worth nearly […]

  • 17 December 2019

    Courbet (F 712), a second-line multimission stealth frigate of the French Marine Nationale currently operating in the Gulf of Oman in support of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, seized 3,534kg of hashish on December 13, 2019. The drugs were found after a specially trained team boarded the dhow using one of Courbet’s rigid hull inflatable […]

  • 14 March 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Navy personnel from HMS Excellent, a shore establishment of the Navy, will head to the Arabian Gulf where they will assume command of the Combined Task Force 150 next month. Part of Combined Maritime Forces, Combined Task Force 150 is policing more than two million square miles of sea on the lookout for vessels smuggling weapons and […]

  • 28 May 2015

    Combined Task Force 150’s (CTF-150) flagship, French Ship (FS) Var, and Her Majesty’s Ship Richmond recently stopped in Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania for a port visit in May. Captain (Capt) Crignola, Commanding Officer of the Task Force, took this opportunity to meet with Brigadier General (BG) Hi Majumba, Deputy Commander of the Tanzanian Navy at the […]

  • 16 December 2011

      Royal Australian Navy’s Commodore Jonathan Mead has assumed command of Combined Maritime Operations in support of counter-terrorism in the Gulf region of the Middle East. Supported by a team of Australian and New Zealand naval personnel, Commodore Mead now commands Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150) after conducting a handover ceremony with Commodore John […]

  • 29 June 2015

    Captain René-Jean Crignola, Commander, Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150), visited La Fayette class, French Frigate (FF) Surcouf, in order to meet Commanding Officer, Commander (Cdr) Thomas Fraïoli. The FF has been part of CTF-150 taking part in maritime security operations throughout the Gulf of Aden, Somalia Basin and Indian Ocean. FF Surcouf operates side by […]

  • 7 February 2018

    Pakistan Navy frigate PNS Aslat seized 5 tonnes of hashish in the Arabian Sea on February 6, continuing a success-streak of the international Combined Task Force (CTF) 150. With this latest seizure, CTF 150 has confiscated over $1 billion USD of narcotics since December 2017. PNS Aslat was conducting routine patrols in the international waters of […]

  • 11 February 2016

    Having seized almost a tonne of heroin and made more than 50 boarding operations, Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Melbourne is now returning home to Australia. The guided missile frigate handed over maritime security responsibilities to sister ship, HMAS Darwin, after five months of operations in support of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and more than six […]

  • 11 March 2019

    Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Ballarat seized two tons of hashish worth an estimated AU$100 million in street value during a boarding operation on February 28. This is the sixth seizure of narcotics by Ballarat during her current deployment to the Middle East, which she started in October last year. The boarding was conducted in […]

  • 9 December 2019

    An Australian-led staff of the Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Canadian Navy assumed command of the Bahrain-based Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 from the UK on December 5. During a ceremony at the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Headquarters in Bahrain, command of CTF 150 was handed over to the Australian, New […]

  • 9 May 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    Denmark is sending a Bombardier Challenger 604 maritime patrol aircraft to support the monitoring of shipping traffic in the Indian Ocean, the country’s ministry of foreign affairs announced on May 5. It was further said that Denmark would make a Challenger airplane available for the Mediterranean efforts to monitor EU’s outer borders under Frontex. “With the deployment of our […]

  • 10 January 2020

    On January 5, 2020, French frigate Courbet (F 712), currently operating in support of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), seized 1,500 kg of hashish from a vessel in the Arabian Sea. This is the second seizure for the French Marine Nationale frigate in the last 30 days and the third for CTF 150 since […]

  • 13 May 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development, Training & Education

    At the end of April 2015, Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150) flagship FS Var visited Victoria, the Capital of the Seychelles situated in the Indian Ocean to meet the Seychelles high representatives and Coast Guard. Seychelles are already fully integrated into the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) organisation and have contributed to their missions on several […]

  • 7 December 2017

    The Royal Australian Navy is at the helm of Combined Maritime Forces’ Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150) after assuming command from the Pakistan Navy in a change of command ceremony at CMF headquarters in Bahrain on December 7. Australian Commodore Mal Wise assumed command of CTF150 from Pakistani Rear Admiral Naveed Ahmed Rizvi in a ceremony […]

  • 13 April 2016

    The Royal Navy has taken command of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 after conducting a handover ceremony with the Royal Australian Navy held in Bahrain. Commodore Guy Robinson of the Royal Navy assumed command of CTF150 from Commodore Jaimie Hatcher of the Royal Australian Navy. Commodore Robinson will lead a team comprising personnel from the […]