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  • 19 January 2016

    Spanish ESPS Numancia, based at Naval Station Rota, left her homeport in the morning of January 18 to relieve the frigate Canarias which was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea with EUNAVFOR’s Operation Sophia. The frigate sailed off to her area of operations after a ceremony which was presided over by the Admiral of the Fleet, Francisco […]

  • 18 January 2017

    Spanish Navy’s Santa Maria-class frigate ESPS Canarias (F-86) left her homeport in Rota, Spain to join the EU mission of saving migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Coordinated by the EU Naval Forces, operation Sophia aims to stop human trafficking in the central Mediterranean Sea. The multinational mission was set up by the European Union on May […]

  • 26 January 2016

    The Spanish Navy ship has been deployed to EUNAVFOR’s Operation Sophia for 114 days and has saved lives of 1,122 people. The frigate Canarias on January 18 ended its mission in the Central Mediterranean where the ship’s crew have been fighting illegal trafficking off the coast of Libya for more than 100 days. During this time, the frigate has […]

  • 5 November 2015

    Spanish Navy’s frigate ESPS Canarias rescued 517 migrants and transported them to the Italian port of Lampedusa, yesterday, November 4. According to the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the frigate Canarias has rescued 442 men, 40 women, 33 children and 2 babies. The migrants were trying to reach Europe on board a mere 20-meter vessel. The frigate received a […]

  • 12 October 2015

    EUNAVFOR MED Force Commander, Rear Admiral Andrea Gueglio, paid his first visit to the Spanish military vessel Canarias, led by Cdr Manuel Alvargonzales, on October 8. Ship Canarias joined the European Force deployed in Mediterranean on October 5 from Rota harbor, carrying 202 crew members. Among them, a special Infantry boarding team and 3 pilots […]

  • 16 December 2015
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    EUNAVFOR Med operation Sophia air units have recently been augmented by the Hellenic Air Force aircraft Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C and a Spanish Navy AB-212 Helicopter. The Greek aircraft, based in the Hellenic Air Force Base of Elefsis in Greece, is an airborne Command and Control Platform with the capability of participation in air and surface […]

  • 28 January 2016

    The Spanish frigate ESPS Numancia, which replaced her sister ship ESPS Canarias in the EUNAVFOR operation Sophia, yesterday, January 27, carried out her first rescue operation since joining the operation in the Mediterranean Sea. The Spanish air force aircraft VIGMA D-4 was conducting an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance flight when it spotted two rubber boats in […]

  • 7 October 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    Spanish frigate ESPS Canarias officially joined EUNAVFOR MED on October 5, 2015. The Spanish ship reached the European mission flag-ship, the Italian aircraft vessel Cavour, in the military harbor of Augusta, in Sicily, early in the morning, spending an entire briefing-day on board to complete the procedures and organizational deployment set up into the European […]

  • 22 September 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    The Spanish Navy’s has recently conducted MAR-41, a fleet readiness exercise which took place in the Gulf of Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. Participating units included F-80 frigates Victoria, Numancia and Canarias together with the landing helicopter dock (LHD) Juan Carlos I and the auxiliary ship AOR Cantabria. The exercise was also joined by Marine Corps special operations […]

  • 2 October 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    Spanish Navy’s Santa Maria-class frigate SPS Canarias (F86) is on its way to join the EU Naval Force’s Operation Sophia. The vessel departed its homeport of Rota Naval Base yesterday to take part in the efforts of decreasing illegal trafficking off the coast of Libya. Canarias will spend some three months on this deployment, from early October until January. […]

  • 27 December 2015

    EUNAVFOR Med vessels, led by German FGS Berlin and Spanish ESPS Canarias, saved 660 lives in the central Mediterranean Sea on December 24 and 25. The unusually calm sea waters increased the flow of migrants from the Libyan coast. While patrolling the assigned area of operations, the two vessels in service within Eunavfor Med operation […]

  • 4 December 2015

    EUNAVFOR Med operation Sophia vessels participated in rescue operations saving 700 lives at sea on December 3. Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Rome, Italy sent a request early in the morning to Operation Sophia Force Commander, Rear Admiral (LH) Andrea Gueglio, to intervene on two vessels 25 Nautical Miles north of Libyan Coast. The […]

  • 10 May 2011

      ESPS CANARIAS, the Spanish frigate finished as an EU NAVFOR warship after 126 days proudly flying the European Flag. She has conducted a variety of tasks in the force and with a continuous dedication has always been ready for any duties, as well as demonstrating a proactive attitude to face all challenges in order […]

  • 7 February 2017

    In her second operation since joining the EUNAVFOR mission, Spanish frigate Canarias (F-86) rescued 494 migrants from a wooden craft sailing adrift off the coast of Libya. The frigate is part of European Union’s operation Sophia aimed at preventing criminal activities and saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Spanish Navy, Canarias was […]

  • 19 May 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Spanish Navy frigate Reina Sofía (F-84) departed Rota Naval Base yesterday, May 18, to relieve ESPS Numancia, another Spanish Navy frigate integrated into Operation Sophia since January 2016. Numancia has participated in multiple rescue operation during her deployment. Just recently, the frigate worked with Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise to save 436 migrants. Operation Sophia is […]

  • 19 February 2015

    Turkish ship TCG TURGUTREIS (F 241) recently completed a routine port visit to Trieste, Italy, as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2). However, her departure was much more than routine. As the ship slipped from the pier in Trieste on Monday, 16 February 2015, she celebrated a milestone in the ship’s history: her […]

  • 8 September 2015
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Last week, Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) participated in the air defense and electronic warfare exercise DYNAMIC GUARD. After several weeks of planning, ships from Germany, Spain and Turkey set sail to conduct a demanding program in the Gulf of Cadiz at the Spanish Atlantic Coast. Accompanied by the Spanish ships ESPS CANARIAS, ESPS […]

  • 10 February 2015

    On February 6, NATO ships assigned to Standing Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) arrived in Split, Croatia, for a scheduled port visit during the Group’s deployment to the Mediterranean to enhance maritime security and readiness, and in support of NATO counter-terrorism Operation Active Endeavour. Led by Rear Adm. Brad Williamson (USA N), SNMG2 is currently composed of the flagship […]

  • 26 October 2015

    Spanish frigate Canarias participated in the rescue of more than 100 people off the coast of Libya after its embarked SH-60B helicopter sighted a boat adrift. The frigate Canarias, deployed in the EUNAVFOR operation Sophia, spotted an inflatable boat with over 100 people on board during a reconnaissance patrol on Tuesday, Oct 20. After informing the command of the […]

  • 1 September 2015
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 entered Rota Naval Base at the western coast of Spain last week, where the force will prepare for the NATO exercise Dynamic Guard. Two Spanish naval vessels, combat support ship Cantabria and the Spanish frigate Santa Maria, will now depart the Group. During the next at-sea period the remaining SNMG2 vessels German […]

  • 22 June 2018
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Warships from Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain gathered in the Portuguese port of Lisbon on June 18 for the activation of the European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR). The non-standing force was activated after a meeting of the political-military working group of EUROMARFOR concluded in Paris on June 21. As an outcome of the meeting, the […]

  • 17 March 2014
    Training & Education

    On 13 March 2014, EU Naval Force warship, ESPS Tornado departed Operation Atalanta’s patrol areas off the Somali coast after completing 105 days and is now heading for her home port of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.   As the ship set a navigation course for Spain, the Rear Admiral Bléjean, who is the Force […]

  • 19 August 2013

    On August 6th, after passing through the Suez Canal, navigating the Red Sea and crossing the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, the Spanish warship ESPS Meteoro has been integrated into the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation Atalanta. The ESPS Meteoro is the first of a series of four modern, multipurpose Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPV) […]

  • 7 November 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Spanish Navy frigates recently took part in anti-air missile firing drills in the Gulf of Cadiz. Santa Maria-class frigates ‘Navarra’, Canarias’ and ‘Santa María’ were joined by F-100 frigate ‘Almirante Juan de Borbón’ and a number of other ships as they fired Standard SM-1 missiles. ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbón, OPV Vigía and auxiliary ships ‘Medas’, ‘La […]

  • 4 April 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    Spanish Navy’s ESPS Meteoro is joining the European Union Naval Force’s (EUNAVFOR) Operation Atalanta in the Indian Ocean. The offshore patrol vessel departed the Military Arsenal of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on April 1, 2018, the navy informed. As explained, the deployment of Meteoro is part of the country’s efforts to maintain security in […]

  • 28 February 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    A Spanish Navy frigate and an auxiliary oiler left their home port in Ferrol, Spain, last weekend to join the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 in the Mediterranean Sea. Álvaro de Bazán-class frigate Méndez Núñez and oiler AOR Patiño will become part of SNMG2’s Task Unit 02 (TU.02), currently under command of Spanish Navy Captain Rubén Rodríguez […]

  • 27 April 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    The Spanish Navy’s offshore patrol vessel Meteoro joined the anti-pollution efforts in the waters off the Canary Islands on April 23. After a Russian fishing vessel Oleg Naydenov, which was carrying more than 1,400 tonnes of fuel oil, sank more than 10 days ago, on April 14, the officials have been monitoring the site. An oil slick soon appeared […]

  • 16 September 2013
    Training & Education

    On Tuesday 10 September, EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Spanish warship ESPS Meteoro embarked a Skeldar V-200 Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the port of Djibouti. Prior to embarking the UAV on board the ESPS Meteoro, it was tested by the Spanish Navy in Canary Islands waters on board the Spanish Maritime Action Ship […]

  • 10 September 2013
    Training & Education

    On Thursday 5 September, Spanish warship ESPS Meteoro, which is part of the European Union’s counter piracy Naval Force operating off the Horn of Africa, gave assistance to a Yemeni dhow, which had suffered steerage difficulties, with a faulty rudder. In the early morning, the ship’s SH60B helicopter, which is part of the 10th Squadron […]