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  • 24 July 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Less than a year after the German Bremen-class frigate FGS Karlsruhe returned from her last operational deployment, the navy announced it would sink the 35-year-old ship in upcoming tests. According to the navy, Karlsuhe will be detonated in the Baltic Sea sometime in 2018 after being fitted with various sensors and dummies. The series of […]

  • 16 June 2016

    Having spent more than 2 months in the Central Mediterranean Sea as part of EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia efforts in fighting human smugglers and traffickers and preventing the further loss of life at sea, the German frigate FGS Karlsruhe left the mission today. Commenting on ship’s achievements, EUNAVFOR MED Force Commander stated that it has been “A […]

  • 16 March 2016

    German Navy’s Bremen-class frigate FGS Karlsruhe is scheduled to leave its homeport Wilhelmshaven on March 18 to join EUNAVFOR’s Operation Sophia in the Mediterranean. Led by Commander Christian Clausing, the ship’s crew will join another German ship in the operation, the combat support ship EGV Frankfurt am Main. FGS Karlsruhe will be taking over the roles of […]

  • 4 April 2013

    On 3 April, German Frigate FGS Karlsruhe handed over counter piracy duties to her sister ship FGS Augsburg in a ceremony held in the port of Djibouti following a successful 5 month deployment as part of EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia – Operation Atalanta. The ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests from Djibouti, […]

  • 27 May 2016

    Royal Navy ship Enterprise worked with the German frigate FGS Karlsruhe on May 24 to save 294 migrants some 90 km northwest of Tripoli, Libya. Karlsruhe pulled a total of 289 persons from two rubber boats, 95 women and four children. The German ship additionally embarked five migrants from HMS Enterprise to provide them with […]

  • 14 September 2016

    German Navy frigate FGS Karlsruhe is scheduled to return from the Mediterranean Sea and her last operational deployment on September 16. The ship was first part of operation Sophia and later joined the NATO-led Again Sea patrol mission aimed at curbing people smuggling. Karlsruhe deployed half a year ago under the command of frigate captain Christian Clausing […]

  • 1 August 2016

    Dutch Navy’s De Zeven Provincien-class frigate HNLMS De Ruyter will be taking over as flagship of the NATO mission in the Aegean Sea in September 2016. The German Navy said the Dutch ship would take place of the frigate FGS Karlsruhe which is currently at the helm of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 conducting […]

  • 22 June 2016

    German Navy’s combat support ship EGV Bonn, flagship of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2, was relieved of her duties by another German ship, frigate Karlsruhe, during a ceremony in Souda Bay, Crete. EGV Bonn sailed 20.000 nautical miles during the four months she served as flagship of NATO’s mission aimed at curbing people-smuggling activities in the Aegean Sea […]

  • 17 June 2016

    German Navy tender ‘Werra’ and the minehunter ‘Datteln’ will depart their homebase in Kiel on June 20 to join the EU NAVFOR mission of saving lives and apprehending smugglers in the Mediterranean Sea. Werra, commanded by Corvette Captain Mirko Preuß and Datteln, commanded by Corvette Captain Björn Fischer, will first sail for Augusta, Italy, where they will […]

  • 4 February 2013
    Training & Education

    The last two weeks of January have been a busy period for ESPS Cantabria (CMDR J.L. Nieto) and her embarked RAN DET. Having successfully navigated the Suez Canal, Cantabria entered the Gulf of Aden (GoA) area of operations. Cantabria conducted Replenishment at Sea (RAS) activities in support of EUNAVFOR units deployed as part of CTF […]

  • 9 January 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Navy’s River-class patrol vessel HMS Mersey is preparing to return to the UK from what will be a lengthy 13-month deployment. A remarkable achievement considering the fact that the ship has a company of just 52. The patrol vessel left Portsmouth in January 2016, heading for the Caribbean before travelling east to the Mediterranean and […]

  • 10 January 2019
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    A consortium of three German shipbuilders is scheduled to officially begin works on the first of five new K130 corvettes in February this year, the German Navy chief has announced. Speaking in Dobbin-Linstow on January 10, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause said the steel-cutting ceremony for the future FGS Köln would be held on February 7. Köln is […]

  • 19 April 2019
    Authorities, Industry news, Vessels

    German shipbuilder Lürssen is set to host a keel-laying ceremony for the first of a second batch of Germany Navy K130 (Braunschweig-class) corvettes at its Peene shipyard in Volgast on April 25. The keel-laying for future FGS Köln comes two months after construction under the program got underway in February this year, and 19 months […]

  • 2 April 2015
    Authorities, Training & Education

    The last week of Ex Good Hope VI started with the departure of the participating ships from Simon’s Town False Bay Harbour on Monday, 23 March 2015 after taking part in the 2015 SA Navy Festival. The ships left the harbour to make their way to Overburg Shooting range. Part of the tactical objectives of the […]

  • 2 May 2016

    European naval vessels rescued a total of 587 migrants trying to reach Europe in five unseaworthy boats. In the morning hours of April 29, a Spanish maritime patrol aircraft spotted the migrants and reported that one of the boats was in poor condition and semi-sunken. Four ships assigned to EUNAVFOR’s mission to prevent loss of […]

  • 5 March 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development, Training & Education

    Exercise Good VI commenced on Monday, 2 March, with the arrival of three German vessels; FSG Hessen, FSG Brandenburg and FSG Karlsruhe. This is a joint exercise taking place every two years between the South African Navy (SAN), South African Air Force (SAAF), the German Navy (GEN) and the German Air Force. The aim of the […]

  • 1 August 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    The Bundeswehr’s five new corvettes will be named after German cities.

  • 19 March 2015
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Vessels participating in Ex Good Hope VI departed from Simon’s Town on Monday, March 9, and made their way toward the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. Various exercises were conducted en route to integrate all participating forces. The exercise started with the Harbour Phase in Simon’s Town which consisted of training familiarisation while […]

  • 17 February 2014

    EU Naval Force warships have once again come to the rescue of fishermen off the coast of Somalia.   Following FGS Hessen’s rescue of a 14 year old fisherman from a capsized boat on Wednesday 12 February, this latest rescue, which happened on Thursday 13 February, saw French warship, FS Siroco and German warship, FGS […]

  • 7 December 2015

    German Bundestag authorized the deployment of German troops and units against ISIS in Syria on December 4, 2015. The German Navy will support the French group assembled around the French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle. The frigate FGS Augsburg will be sent to aid the aircraft carrier’s operations in Syria. FGS Augsburg is still […]

  • 8 March 2016

    Having sailed 23000 nautical miles safeguarding the French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle in the Middle East, the German frigate FGS Augsburg has bid farewell to the international group and headed home.   During the group’s deployment in the Persian Gulf, French aircraft conducted 23 reconnaissance flights while Dassault Rafale fighter jets performed an overall […]

  • 3 April 2014
    Training & Education

    On Wednesday 2 April, German Navy frigate, FGS Hessen departed the waters of the Gulf of Aden and headed for home after completing four months of counter piracy patrols with the EU Naval Force.   After a short port stop in Malaga, Spain, FGS Hessen will arrive in her home port in Wilhelmshaven on Thursday […]

  • 26 November 2015

    290 migrants were rescued at sea from three dinghies off the coast of Lybia on November 24. With the contribution of the Spanish aircraft Cisne10 Orion P3, that spotted one of the dinghies during a patrol and surveillance flight, the German supply ship FGS Berlin and the British frigate HMS Enterprise saved respectively 236 and […]

  • 9 October 2015

    The French frigate FS COURBET and the German FGS SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN have been taking part in a complex rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea from October 7. The German frigate FGS SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN, together with the Italian Ship ITS AVIERE belonging to the “Mare Sicuro” mission, was firstly requested to intervene in favour of three […]

  • 23 January 2012

    EU NAVFOR warship FGS LUEBECK re-located an Indian registered dhow which had been used as pirate mother-ship involved in the attack on M/V FLINTSTONE early the same day. A Dutch Vessel Protection Detachment (VPD) stationed on the Dutch-registered civilian fall-pipe vessel had repelled the attack following a gun-fight and caused the attack skiffs to retreat […]

  • 1 November 2013
    Training & Education

    Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) and Standing NATO Mine-Countermeasures Group TWO (SNMCMG2) met on Wednesday, 30 October 2013, for a joint training opportunity at sea near Crete, Greece. Both Groups have been operating in the Mediterranean in support of the counter-terrorism Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR (OAE), demonstrating NATO’s resolve to help deter, defend, disrupt and […]

  • 12 November 2014
    Authorities, Research & Development, Training & Education

    After engagement in Noble Justification from 13 to 26 October 2014 and obtaining a certification from NATO Response Force, the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG-2) continued on to enhance its skills in exercise Ariadne 2014. This year’s training will include, besides SNMCMG-2, HS Adrias, HS Kalypso, HS Kallisto, HS Kassos, FS FGS Lyre, BS BGR Priboy, the […]

  • 3 January 2018

    F124 air defense frigate FGS Sachsen will become the first German Navy vessel to deploy in 2018, getting underway from her homeport of naval base Wilhelmshaven on January 5. The lead ship of the F124 frigates is joining the EU-led operation Sophia in the Mediterranean Sea. The goal of the mission is to prevent human […]

  • 25 March 2014

    On Tuesday 18 March, three EU Naval Force warships, FS Siroco, FGS Hessen and ESPS Relampago gathered in the Gulf of Aden for a joint replenishment at sea (RAS) with the American logistics ship, USNS Pecos from Task Force 53. Ships from Task Force 53 provide regular replenishment support to the European Union’s counter-piracy warships […]