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  • 17 March 2016
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    French naval defence company DCNS on March 16 delivered the FREMM frigate Languedoc to the French Navy. Languedoc is the fifth FREMM frigate to be built by DCNS and the third intended for the French Navy. The ship was officially accepted by OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation), an international organisation for the through-life management of cooperative defence […]

  • 22 October 2012
    Training & Education

    On 18 October 2012, DCNS celebrated the launch of FREMM multimission frigate Normandie in the presence of Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister for Defence, and Pierre Moscovici, Minister for the Economy and Finance. This latest success is a further demonstration of DCNS’s industrial vigour and vitality, with six multimission frigates currently under construction. Patrick Boissier, […]

  • 7 September 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    DCNS has floated the French Navy’s FREMM multi-mission frigate Auvergne in Lorient on September 2. The FREMM Auvergne is the sixth frigate in the programme and fourth of the series ordered by OCCAr[i] on behalf of the DGA (the French defence procurement agency) for the French Navy. With three FREMMs currently under construction in DCNS’ […]

  • 2 July 2012
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    Teams from DCNS, the French Navy and defence procurement agency DGA recently completed a new test campaign aboard first-of-class FREMM multimission frigate Aquitaine, the last and most important being the first ever torpedo launch test from a FREMM frigate. After demonstrating FREMM frigate Aquitaine’s compatibility with a 10-tonne Caïman helicopter (the French version of the […]

  • 19 September 2013
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    On 18 September 2013, FREMM frigate Provence was floated out of its building dock at the Lorient shipyard. With five FREMM multimission frigates at different stages of assembly and construction, this float-out (or pre-outfitting launch) – always a major milestone – highlights the Group’s expertise in concurrent shipbuilding. Operations began in the morning with the […]

  • 2 February 2018
    Authorities, Industry news, Vessels

    French shipbuilder Naval Group on February 1 launched the French Navy’s sixth FREMM frigate ‘Normandie’. The shipbuilder floated out its overall eight FREMM vessel 12 months after the start of hull assembly in the building dock on the Lorient site. This launch brought the company a step closer to the milestone of delivering six anti-submarine […]

  • 19 April 2013
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    The FREMM frigate built for the Royal Moroccan Navy put to sea for the first time on 17 April. This key milestone marks the launch of sea trials, which will be conducted over the next few weeks off the Brittany coast. The ship will be delivered to the Royal Moroccan Navy at the end of […]

  • 19 December 2013
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    The delivery of the Italian FREMM ‘Virginio FASAN’, the first in ASW configuration, was held today at the FINCANTIERI shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia). The FASAN was delivered to the Customer with an outstanding state of readiness. All the scheduled complex and meaningful operations were performed in due time. Within the current framework of the […]

  • 12 October 2015
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news

    DCNS has completed the first sea outing of the FREMM Languedoc on the Lorient site, the third of the series of vessels ordered by OCCAR on behalf of the DGA (French Defense Procurement Agency) and the French Navy. During this first sea outing, the main objective was to test the performance of the vessel’s propulsion and navigation system. The […]

  • 27 November 2012
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    On 23 November, European Joint Armament Cooperation Organisation OCCAR formally signed acceptance documents on behalf of French defence procurement agency DGA following the delivery of FREMM frigate Aquitaine in compliance with all contractual requirements. Aquitaine is the first FREMM multimission frigate for the French Navy. This major technological and industrial achievement is the result of […]

  • 20 April 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news

    The Italian Navy received its sixth FREMM frigate from Fincantieri during a ceremony held at the shipbuilder’s Muggiano (La Spezia) shipyard on April 20. The Carlo Bergamini-class frigate Luigi Rizzo is the second general-purpose variant with the previous four vessels being built for the anti-submarine warfare role. FREMM frigates are built within the international Italian-French […]

  • 15 June 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    On June 12th in Brest, DCNS delivered the FREMM multi-mission frigate Provence to the French Navy, as stipulated in the contract. This frigate is the second of the series ordered by OCCAR on behalf of the DGA (French armament procurement agency). Delivery of the FREMM multi-mission frigate Provence is the result of a design and […]

  • 12 April 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news

    French shipbuilder DCNS delivered the Marine Nationale’s fourth FREMM multi-mission frigate Auvergne on April 11, in Toulon. Auvergne is also the fourth anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant ship. The French Navy has a total of eight frigates in the class on order, six ASW and two anti-air warfare variants. The frigate was launched in September 2015 and […]

  • 13 March 2014
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    The FREMM Normandie returned to port on Saturday 8 March on the DCNS site in Lorient, at the end of its third series of sea trials.   This frigate is the second of the series ordered by the French DGA (General Directorate for Armament) for the French Navy. OCCAR is the contracting agency for the […]

  • 28 October 2013
    Industry news

    FREMM frigate Normandie, the second of the Aquitaine class for the French Navy, was put to sea for the first time on 25 October. This milestone marks the beginning of the ship’s sea trials, which will take place off Brittany and are expected to last several weeks. The main aim of these preliminary trials is […]

  • 26 June 2019
    Authorities, Vessels

    The French Navy celebrated the completion of the construction of its sixth multi-mission frigate, FREMM Normandie, in Lorient on June 25. As explained, the celebration marked not only the end of work on the six FREMM frigates but also the beginning of the manufacturing of the FREMM frigates with reinforced air defense capabilities and of […]

  • 22 August 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    The French Navy’s newest FREMM frigate FS Auvergne started her maiden operational deployment as she set sail from homeport in Toulon on August 18. The frigate will spend the next four months operating in the Indian Ocean where she will be put through her paces by her crew. An NH90 helicopter will be embarked on […]

  • 11 July 2013
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    The FREMM multimission frigate on order for the Royal Moroccan Navy is pursuing sea trials off the French coast in preparation for delivery later this year. In June, French naval shipbuilder DCNS successfully completed a third series of trials to test the performance of the ship’s combat system. The crew and DCNS specialists completed the […]

  • 15 July 2014
    Authorities, Research & Development

    On 12 July 2014, DCNS floated the FREMM multi-mission frigate Languedoc in Lorient, France.   The achievement of this industrial milestone marks an important step in the construction of the vessel. It once again underlines the industrial dynamism of DCNS: five multi-mission frigates are under simultaneous construction, at different stages of advancement. Today, on its […]

  • 9 March 2012
    Training & Education

    A few weeks after the first helicopter landing trials on board the FREMM Aquitaine frigate, DCNS, the French Navy and the French defence procurement agency (DGA) have successfully completed a new series of deck landing trials, this time with new Caiman Marine (NH90) heavy lift helicopter which recently entered operational service with the French Navy. […]

  • 28 December 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    FREMM frigate ITS Federico Martinengo returned to its homeport of La Spezia on December 20, completing its maiden deployment. The seventh Italian Navy FREMM frigate started its first operational deployment in August this year after entering service in April. In the past five months, the frigate operate off the coast of Somalia as part of […]

  • 17 September 2015
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    DCNS has completed the construction of the third French multi-mission frigate, Languedoc. The frigate is to begin its trials next month. The delivery of the vessel will take place next year and the FREMM will be the first of its type to join Toulon on the Mediterranean coast. Another FREMM, Auvergne will join Languedoc in 2017. […]

  • 16 May 2014
    Training & Education

    The FREMM Normandie multi-mission frigate, second of the series ordered by OCCAR on behalf of the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) and the French Navy, left the DCNS site in Lorient on 14 May on its way to the DCNS site in Toulon.   Over the next few weeks, DCNS will perform a new series of sea trials […]

  • 30 September 2016
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    The Italian Navy has commissioned its fifth FREMM frigate Alpino during a ceremony held at Fincantieri’s Muggiano, La Spezia shipyard on September 30. FREMM frigates are built within the international Italian-French program, coordinated by OCCAR (the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation). Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, a joint venture between Fincantieri (51%) and  Finmeccanica (49%), is the prime contractor […]

  • 20 May 2013
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    French Navy Aquitaine class Frigate paid a visit last month to the Big Apple, having spent 3 days in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. The frigate was busy conducting missions off the coast of New York City, showing off its capabilities ranging from anti-submarine warfare, air defence, escort duties to naval gunfire support. Upon […]

  • 1 December 2011
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    FREMM frigate Aquitaine berthed at DCNS’s Lorient shipyard on Friday 25 November after three weeks of successful sea trials, during which DCNS teams pursued integration and testing of the combat system under the supervision of the French defence procurement agency (DGA). The ship is to be delivered to the French Navy in the third quarter […]

  • 29 April 2015

    Italian Navy received the fourth vessel of the FREMM program at Fincantieri’s Muggiano (La Spezia) shipyard. The frigate, named “Carabiniere” in 2014 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Carabinieri Force, is the fourth FREMM unit built by Fincantieri. With a length of 144 meters and a displacement at full load of approximately 6,700 tonnes, […]

  • 13 March 2019
    Authorities, Vessels

    The French Navy’s sixth FREMM frigate Normandie returned from her first sea trials in late February, achieving the milestone a year after being launched at Naval Group’s Lorient shipyard. The anti-submarine warfare configured frigate tested propulsion and navigation system during the first underway and came a step closer to the scheduled summer 2019 delivery to […]

  • 5 February 2018
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    Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri launched the Italian Navy’s eighth FREMM frigate ‘Antonio Marceglia’ (F-597) at its Riva Trigoso shipyard in Genoa on February 3. The eighth of a series of 10 FREMM vessels was launched during a ceremony attended by Italian defense minister Roberta Pinotti and, on behalf of the chief of defense, General Claudio Graziano, […]