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  • 21 September 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    The marine section of the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) has received three new high-speed interceptor vessels. The interceptors have been named after three Gibraltar Services Police officers who died 75 years ago in an explosion in Tangiers. A future maintenance facility will be named after another officer who died on that day, Sergeant Terence Henning. […]

  • 27 July 2020
    Authorities, Vessels

    The UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) has signed a £9.9 million contract with Merseyside-based Marine Specialised Technology (MST) for two new patrol boats to replace the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron fast patrol craft. The six-year contract will see the construction of the two boats beginning in July 2020 and will take approximately 18 months, with […]

  • 14 April 2017

    Royal Navy’s Gibraltar-based fast patrol boat HMS Scimitar was forced to respond to a Spanish warship incursion into Gibraltar waters for the second time in a month. The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed that Spanish Navy corvette Infanta Cristina was escorted out of Gibraltar waters on Thursday morning. The government of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar […]

  • 21 July 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    HMS Ambush, a nuclear-powered Astute-class submarine, collided with a merchant vessel off Gibraltar on July 20, the Royal Navy confirmed in a statement. According to the Navy, the submarine suffered some external damage but there is “absolutely no damage” to her nuclear plant and no member of the ship’s company was injured in the incident. […]

  • 17 February 2012

    Two Royal Navy Reservists have swapped their civilian lives for a year serving as part of the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron. They are manning the Royal Navy’s Fast Patrol Boats patrolling the shores of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediteranean. Able Rate Alex Harper (22) and Able Rate Matthew Amelan (40) have swapped their […]

  • 16 June 2014

    More than a thousand people flocked to see HMS Defender in Gibraltar as she stopped at the port on her way to Middle East.   HMS Defender is the fifth of the Royal Navy’s six Type 45 destroyers and made her first port of call 1,000 miles into her 7,500-mile journey from the Solent to […]

  • 21 November 2016

    The Royal Navy was forced to fire warning flares at a Spanish research vessel that strayed into the Territorial waters of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Sailors aboard the fast patrol boat HMS Sabre resorted to firing the flares after several attempts to establish communication with the research vessel failed, reports say. Angeles Alvarino, […]

  • 4 August 2011
    Equipment & technology

    The boats of the Gibraltar Squadron now have a new home, formally opened by Lady Johns, wife of Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns, the current Governor of Gibraltar and former Second Sea Lord. The Old Boathouse is the new accommodation for the Navy’s Gibraltar unit of two patrol boats, HMS Scimitar and Sabre, and three […]

  • 10 July 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    The Royal Navy’s Gibraltar base has welcomed back fast patrol boat HMS Scimitar which returned from a refit period. Since late April HMS Scimitar was dry-docked for her annual survey and refit period (ASRP), a six-week programme of repair and refurbishment to keep her running smoothly. The work package was delivered by Bolaños, a local Gibraltar company […]

  • 13 March 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth made a port call in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar on the first mission stop of her nine-month deployment to the Middle East. Accompanied by HMS Sabre and Scimitar from the RN Gibraltar Squadron, and with her Wildcat airborne to scour the skies, the Black Duke monitored […]

  • 20 January 2012
    Training & Education

    This is the first time a Type 45 destroyer – the most advanced warship in Britain’s arsenal – has appeared in the shadow of the Rock, one of the world’s iconic natural sights. On her maiden deployment, HMS Daring made her debut in Gibraltar – the Fleet’s traditional refuge, 1,000 miles from the mother country. The […]

  • 27 June 2016

    Royal Navy’s nuclear-powered submarine HMS Ambush docked in Gibraltar on June 25 arriving shortly after a Spanish official announced the possibility of a joint sovereignty over ‘The Rock’. Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said during an interview that Brexit opened greater possibilities for Spanish control of the British overseas territory. Gibraltar voted 95.9 per cent in […]

  • 5 May 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    A Royal Navy Scimitar-class fast patrol boat has reportedly fired warning shots at a Spanish patrol vessel as it was harassing a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine. USS Florida, an Ohio-class submarine, was trying to dock in Gibraltar when the Spanish vessel crossed its path two times, whereafter HMS Sabre fired flares to force the Spanish boat to leave, British […]

  • 26 July 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    The UK Royal Navy announced an investment of £2 million for the expansion and modernization of Gibraltar’s ‘Windy Hill’ monitoring station. Sitting high above the Strait of Gibraltar, personnel at the monitoring facility keep an eye on 60,000 ships entering or leaving the Mediterranean, or crossing between Africa and Europe. But after more than a […]

  • 9 February 2018
    Authorities, Training & Education, Vessels

    Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth pulled into Gibraltar on Friday morning for her first ever overseas port visit. The visit will be a logistical one for the 65,000-tonne future flagship which left her home in Portsmouth last week for helicopter trials. These helicopter trials take place before the fixed wing F35 Lightning II […]

  • 13 September 2016

    Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer has visited Gibraltar for a second time, four years after the ship’s first visit to the British overseas territory. The Portsmouth-based destroyer stopped off in the harbour as she prepares to head east of Suez on maritime security operations. It was a busy day in the port as Daring met […]

  • 2 November 2016
    Authorities, Industry news

    The Royal Navy has shared a photo of one of its two fast patrol boats which help safeguard the waters around Gibraltar as it was being lowered back into Gibraltar harbor. HMS Sabre was hauled out of the Mediterranean Sea for five weeks for her annual survey/refit. The work carried out on the 23-year-old boat included […]

  • 3 December 2012
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Gibraltar guardian HMS Scimitar left the Rock behind to make the short trip to North Africa to work with the Moroccan Navy and honour wartime personnel buried in the country. The patrol boat, one half of the two main vessels in the Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron, headed the three dozen miles across the Strait to […]

  • 11 September 2017

    Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond stepped in for helicopter carrier HMS Ocean as NATO flagship to allow the Royal Navy fleet flagship to bring vital supplies to Caribbean areas affected by Hurricane Irma The fleet flagship HMS Ocean was originally planned to lead NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 in the Mediterranean, but was […]

  • 18 August 2015

    Royal Navy Sandown-class minehunter HMS Shoreham is taking a short break in Gibraltar. According to the Ministry of Defence in Gibraltar, the vessel will conduct fuel and supplies replenishment and will shortly continue its journey back home to Faslane, UK. HMS Shoreham is returning from an operational deployment to the Middle East. The vessel is based at HMNB […]

  • 8 November 2017

    A Royal Navy fast patrol boat challenged and escorted a larger Spanish Navy offshore patrol vessel which entered territorial waters of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. HMS Scimitar intercepted ESPS Infanta Cristina on Wednesday morning off the east coast of Gibraltar. UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed the incident to The Sun, adding that the […]

  • 7 August 2013
    Training & Education

    After three months spent deep beneath the ocean the crew of the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Talent have returned home to Plymouth and their waiting families. During its busy deployment HMS Talent engaged in defence diplomacy, undertook a number of trials and exercised with US and French ships and stopped in Gibraltar. Shortly after sailing from […]

  • 10 December 2014
    Authorities, Research & Development, Training & Education

    With less than a week to go before they arrive back in the UK, HMS Bulwark’s embarked Royal Marines put on a showstopper by storming a beach in Gibraltar. Exercise Sea Snake saw commandos from Charlie Company 40 Commando and 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines (ASRM) land on East Beach in Gibraltar for a routine […]

  • 17 January 2014

    The Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Somerset dropped her anchor in Gibraltar on the way to beginning a deployment East of Suez. The deployment comes in the aftermath of HMS Somerset’s £21 million pound refit, which renewed her operational capability and restored her full readiness.   Whilst in Gibraltar HMS Somerset conducted replenishment of […]

  • 8 August 2012
    Training & Education

    The unit has a broad role at the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. It is a busy squadron and the routine business of protecting British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) only scratches the surface. This is a complex balance of presence and restraint that tests the squadron on a daily basis. Two fast patrol boats, HMS […]

  • 4 April 2013
    Training & Education

    Newly deployed Type 45, HMS Dragon, has passed through Gibraltar on her maiden voyage to the Middle East. She arrived in stormy conditions, but this soon cleared allowing the Ship’s Company the opportunity to engage the sovereignty’s residents in a spot of sport. The ship fielded Rugby, Football and Netball teams against Gibraltar and came […]

  • 29 August 2011
    Training & Education

      Having deployed from Devonport on 17 August, the type 23 frigate HMS Somerset has made good progress towards her operating area conducting maritime security operations. As she makes her way into the Mediterranean the ship’s company remain focussed on her mission: to defend worldwide trade routes and deter threats to UK prosperity. With only […]

  • 14 September 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Navy’s Submarine Parachute Assistance Group (SPAG) has successfully completed a week long exercise in the skies and waters above and around Gibraltar earlier this summer. The Navy said that eleven members of the team conducted over 20 parachute jumps from the back of an RAF Hercules transport aircraft into the Mediterranean, both during the day […]

  • 13 September 2017

    Royal Navy helicopter carrier HMS Ocean departed Gibraltar on Tuesday afternoon heading for the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean where it will deliver emergency supplies for those affected by Hurricane Irma. During her time alongside in Gibraltar HMS Ocean loaded over 200 pallets of aid which included items such as timber, buckets, bottled water, bedding, clothing as […]