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  • 20 March 2018
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    The Royal Netherlands Navy’s first upgraded Goalkeeper close-in weapon system recently passed its sea acceptance trials aboard landing platform dock HNLMS Johan de Witt, Thales – the company in charge of the system modernization – announced. The test came six years after the company was contracted for upkeep modifications in 2012. Goalkeeper proved its mettle against […]

  • 4 December 2012
    Authorities, Industry news

    The Netherland’s Ministry of Defence and Thales Nederland have signed an agreement for the update of 16 Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon Systems that are operational in the Royal Netherlands Navy. The operational modification will bring the system to the highest operational status again, capable of dealing with current and future threats. In addition, this contract solves […]

  • 22 November 2016
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    Thales has joined forces with the South Korean defense contractor LiG Nex1 to overhaul Goalkeeper close-in weapon systems on board the KDX-I class vessels of the Republic of Korea Navy. Thales noted that the overhaul would be carried out by Thales in close cooperation with DMI (the Naval Maintenance organisation of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence) and […]

  • 5 June 2018
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Karel Doorman-class frigate BNS Louise-Marie F931 recently became the first Belgian Navy ship to fire the Harpoon anti-ship missile during live firing drills off Norway. The event, which took place off Tromsø, Norway, from May 28 to 31, was captured on video and shared by the Belgian Navy. Though the Harpoon is a primary surface weapon on the Karel […]

  • 7 August 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Portuguese Navy frigate NRP Francisco de Almeida (F334) departed its homeport of Lisbon Naval Base on August 6 to join NATO’s standing maritime group 1 (SNMG1). The former Karel Doorman-class frigate will join units from Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Norway for operations in the North and Baltic Sea. During the frigate’s time with SNMG1, the […]

  • 14 September 2017
    Authorities, Training & Education

    Royal Navy amphibious warship HMS Albion has completed her sea trials this week and is all set for an official return to the fleet and operations in 2018. HMS Albion’s sea trials followed a two-year, £90m revamp after the ship had been mothballed in 2011, just eight years after she joined the fleet. The Devonport-based […]

  • 3 October 2012
    Training & Education

    Sea King and Merlin helicopters emerged from the mist to land on HMS Illustrious before she sailed for a major Mediterranean exercise. Six aircraft flew thundered around Portsmouth harbour yesterday morning before they embarked the helicopter carrier in driving rain. The Portsmouth-based ship then sailed with her crew dressed in smart uniform at Procedure Alpha […]

  • 9 June 2011

      On 7 June 2011, at the Damen yard in Galatz, the keel was laid down for the Joint Support Ship (JSS). The ceremony was performed by Rear Admiral K. Visser of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Further construction of the vessel will largely take place at Damen Shipyard Galatz, supervised by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding […]

  • 3 November 2016
    Authorities, Industry news

    HMS Albion – the Royal Navy amphibious assault ship that has been mothballed in 2011, just eight years after she joined the fleet – is gradually coming to life one step at a time. In her latest milestone, the amphibious command ship been placed in long term lay-up with her own generators now powering lighting and computer […]

  • 31 October 2013
    Training & Education

    HMS Illustrious has had to fend off a succession of attacks from Omani jets off the coast of Oman during the opening stages of the last major exercise by the UK’s amphibious task group east of Suez. The veteran warship was expected not just to thwart the attackers, but put Royal Marines ashore on the […]

  • 5 July 2012
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news

    Babcock has successfully delivered a long term contract to upgrade the 4.5 inch Mk8 naval gun to Mod1 standard, with the completion June of the last gun system upgrade to programme and cost. Babcock undertook the first Mk8 Mod1 upgrade under the contract in 2005. The seven year programme has involved major modification and overhaul […]