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  • 14 December 2016
    Training & Education

    With the U.S. National Weather Service reporting frigid arctic air settling over New England Thursday night with lows in the single digits, U.S. Coast Guard cutters are poised to work hard to keep vital shipping lanes open during the ice-breaking season. The season officially started on December 12th and runs through March. During the Coast […]

  • 9 February 2017

    The process of icebreaking involves more than using the biggest hammer and busting your way through. Even the biggest hammer can be broken if mistakes are made, U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer David Mosley writes. To some, the Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star, with 75,000 horsepower, more than 2-inch thick hull and 13,500 tons […]

  • 28 March 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    A crack in the ice floe caused the U.S. Navy to announce that ICEX 2016 was concluding a week earlier and that the breakdown of ice camp Sargo, constructed for the purposes of the submarine exercise held in the Arctic, was underway. “With the primary objectives met and indications of adverse environmental conditions, specifically a crack […]

  • 25 March 2014
    Training & Education

    Commander, Submarine Forces (COMSUBFOR) announced an early end to Ice Camp Nautilus on March 23. The ice camp was a temporary structure built and operated especially for Ice Exercise 2014 (ICEX-2014).   Personnel at Ice Camp Nautilus, which is built into the ice floe north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, began a careful breakdown of the […]

  • 14 March 2018
    Training & Education, Vessels

     The US Navy has shared photos of two of its submarines surfacing in the Arctic Circle on March 10 as part of the multinational maritime Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2018. Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768) and Seawolf-class fast attack submarine, USS Connecticut (SSN 22) broke through the ice in the Arctic Circle […]

  • 8 March 2018
    Authorities, Training & Education, Vessels

    The US Navy has officially started Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2018 in the Arctic Ocean. The exercise was kicked off with the construction of temporary Ice Camp Skate and the arrival of two US Navy fast-attack submarines and one UK Royal Navy submarine on March 7. ICEX 2018 is a five-week biennial exercise that allows the […]

  • 20 December 2012
    Training & Education

    December has arrived, and so too has the festive spirit onboard HMS Protector, the Royal Navy’s 5,000 tonne Ice Patrol Ship. After breaking ice for the first time this Austral Summer, 20 members of HMS Protector’s Ship’s Company took to the ice dressed as Santa Claus in support of the Ship’s affiliated charity, East Anglia’s […]

  • 19 January 2017

    U.S. Coast Guard cutter Polar Star carved through more than 60 miles of Antarctic ice in the Ross Sea to arrive at the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Station on Tuesday. By carving a navigable path through seasonal and multi-year ice, the Polar Star assists in the annual delivery of operating supplies and fuel for two of NSF’s […]

  • 2 November 2016
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Research & Development

    The U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) is sponsoring scientists who have traveled to Arctic Ocean region to explore an environment of diminishing ice and develop new tools that will help the U.S. Navy operate in a once-inaccessible area. A recent announcement from the National Snow and Ice Data Center revealed that 2016’s sea ice minimum—the annual […]

  • 3 March 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    U.S. Navy’s submarine forces have officially started the Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016 by constructing a U.S. Navy camp named Sargo on March 2. ICEX 2016 is a five-week exercise designed to research, test and evaluate operational capabilities in the Arctic region. A temporary camp is being established on a sheet of ice, known as an […]

  • 6 February 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    Scientists sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) revealed Feb. 5 the latest findings from a study on Arctic sea ice, with one expert noting that summer sea ice levels could potentially fall to zero before the end of this century. Speaking at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology EXPO, scientists presented initial […]

  • 10 May 2018

    The US Navy’s Seawolf-class fast attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) returned home to Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton on May 7 following a tour in the Arctic Circle. Connecticut was one of three submarines taking part in the biennial exercise ICEX that allows the US Navy to assess its operational readiness in the Arctic. The other […]

  • 19 March 2012
    Training & Education

    Worsening ice conditions forced survey ship HMS Protector to cut short research by scientists in Antarctic. The survey ship had to punch her way through – and then back out of – the ice pack around remote James Ross Island to first drop off, then pick up, a team of geologists. The Portsmouth-based survey ship […]

  • 16 March 2016
    Authorities, Training & Education

    USS Hartford and USS Hampton on March 14 arrived at Ice Camp Sargo, a temporary station constructed on a floating sheet of ice the U.S. Navy built for this year’s Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. Groton-based Hartford and San Diego-based Hampton will conduct multiple arctic transits, a North Pole surfacing, scientific data collection and other training evolutions during their […]

  • 29 November 2012
    Equipment & technology, Industry news

    Scientists from the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center (NRL-SSC) have played a key role in the development and transition of the Arctic Cap Nowcast Forecast System (ACNFS) from research to operational Navy use. The ACNFS replaces the Polar Ice Prediction System (PIPS 2.0). The Cutting Edge ACNFS provides real-time nowcast/forecasts at 1/12-degree horizontal […]

  • 13 February 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news, Research & Development, Training & Education

    The U.S. Coast Guard will test potential heavy polar icebreaker design models at Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) in St John’s, Newfoundland. Announced by the U.S. Coast Guard’s acquisition directorate, the government to government agreement for the  heavy polar icebreaker acquisition program testing will help the U.S. Coast Guard to better optimize designs. The partnership is being […]

  • 23 February 2015

    The crews of the US Coast Guard Cutters Capstan, Cleat and Chock are working this winter to break ice and maintain navigable waterways from the Delaware River, through the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, down to Tangier Island, Virginia. The crew of the Baltimore-based Chock traveled to Tangier Island to break ice and aid residents. While […]

  • 28 March 2014

    The U.S. Navy’s top admiral, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, spent time last weekend at the Navy’s Arctic Ice Camp and embarked aboard the USS New Mexico (SSN 779) as it participated in Ice Exercise 2014 (ICEX) with USS Hampton (SSN 767) beneath the Arctic Ocean.   “It’s necessary to continue to […]

  • 19 December 2013

    The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay is scheduled to break ice in the Saginaw Bay Shipping Channel, starting at 8 a.m. Thursday and continuing into the evening hours. The crew of Bristol Bay, a 140-foot ice-breaking tug homeported in Detroit, will be conducting ice-breaking operations as part of Operation Coal Shovel, which is […]

  • 8 February 2012

    HMS Protector, the Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship, has cut through the ice floes of Antarctica for the first time. The ship arrived in Antarctica for the first time two weeks ago after her long sail south from Portsmouth and is following up important survey work for shipping in the region with visits to remote […]

  • 18 March 2015
    Research & Development

    Following one the harshest New England winters on record, the US Coast Guard is preparing to clear ice jams threatening to flood the Penobscot River banks in Maine. As the ice chokes points along the winding river, spring runoff from rain and melting snow has nowhere to go but over the banks. A team of […]

  • 20 March 2014
    Training & Education

    Commander, Submarine Forces (COMSUBFOR) announced Virginia-class attack submarine USS New Mexico (SSN 779) and Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Hampton (SSN 767) commenced Ice Exercise 2014 (ICEX 2014) in the Arctic Ocean March 19.   USS New Mexico is homeported in Groton, Conn., and commanded by Cmdr. Todd Moore, while USS Hampton is homeported in […]

  • 26 September 2016
    Authorities, Industry news, Training & Education

    U.S. defense contractor General Dynamics has had the opportunity to see how its unmanned underwater vehicles operated in the harsh Arctic environment at the U.S. Navy’s ICEX exercise. ICEX is an Arctic proving ground sponsored by the U.S. Navy every two years. The purpose of the exercise is to validate and assess operational capabilities in […]

  • 22 May 2012
    Training & Education

    The first part of FSUE “Rosmorport” ice breaker captains and senior assistants passed the training in Naval Training Centre of Admiral Makarov State Naval Academy. Academy specialists developed a specialized training program with regard for the experience of FSUE “Rosmorport” ice breaking fleet. Training aims are: practising the exercises on normal and emergency situations during […]

  • 16 March 2011
    Training & Education

      Commander, Submarine Force (COMSUBFOR) announced the Virginia-class submarine USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) and the Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) have commenced Ice Exercise 2011 (ICEX-2011) in the Arctic Ocean, March 15. USS New Hampshire is home ported in Groton, Conn., and commanded by Cmdr. John McGunnigle, while USS Connecticut is home ported […]

  • 16 April 2012

    Early on Easter Sunday morning (8th April), British Antarctic Survey ship RRS Ernest Shackleton was alerted to assist a Brazilian navy vessel Ary Rongel from thick pack ice in the north eastern end of Bransfield Straits near the South Shetland Islands on the Antarctic Peninsula. The Ary Rongel — an icebreaker and oceanographic research ship […]

  • 18 April 2014
    Training & Education

    The Canadian Combined Dive Team, made up of 18 members from the Fleet Diving Unit (FDU-A) Atlantic and four Combat divers from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group have “broken the ice” in Gascoyne Inlet, Nunavut as part of Operation NUNALIVUT 2014.   “A considerable amount of planning has gone into this operation, we have brought […]

  • 23 January 2013

    A Norwegian cruise liner at risk of becoming trapped in thick ice off the coast of Antarctica has been guided to safety by the Royal Navy in a two-hour operation. Icebreaker HMS Protector broke through the densely packed ice which had surrounded the MV Fram, blocking her path and trapping the bow, as she carried […]

  • 15 January 2019

    Royal Navy survey ship HMS Protector broke through nearly 300 miles of Antarctic ice to help scientists begin a five-year mission to understand how West Antarctica is contributing to global sea-level rise. Working together with British Antarctic Survey’s vessel RRS Ernest Shackleton, the Plymouth-based ice-strengthened vessel crunched her way to a remote Antarctic ice shelf […]