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  • 20 July 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    The Russian Navy has commissioned its fourth Project 20380 corvette, the Sovershenny, into the Pacific Fleet with a flag-raising ceremony in the Port of Vladivostok. The ship was commissioned after concluding builder’s and state trials in early July. Also referred to as Steregushchy-class corvettes, the ships are designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design bureau, and […]

  • 4 July 2017
    Training & Education

    Russian Navy’s advanced Project 20380 corvette, the Sovershenny, has taken the Ka-27 helicopter aboard during the recent official tests, according to TASS. The Ka-27 antisubmarine search and rescue helicopter landed over 20 times on the corvette during the day and night while the corvette was in motion, at anchor, and adrift. The Project 20380 corvette […]

  • 12 October 2011
    Industry news

      JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard will deliver corvette Soobrazitelny to Russian Defense Ministry on Oct 14, reported the shipyard’s press service. Being the first serial ship of Project 20380, corvette Soobrazitelny has vital differences from the lead ship, corvette Stereguschiy commissioned in 2007. Over 55 development projects were implemented and 38 new weapon systems were […]

  • 15 December 2011
    Industry news

    JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard, affiliate of United Industrial Corporation (USC) belonging to ex-senator Sergei Pugachev, confirms corvette Boiky will be delivered to Russian Navy in 2012, reports RIA Novosti referring to the yard’s director general Andrei Fomichev. “Third corvette, Boiky, is ready to accommodate the crew. This means that the ship is at high stage […]

  • 21 February 2012
    Industry news

    St. Petersburg based JSC Severnaya Verf Shipyard has been contracted by the Defense Ministry to construct 13 warships for the Russian Navy. The contract includes construction of six corvettes of the Project 20385 and the Project 20380, six Project 22350 frigates and a reconnaissance ship. Official keel-laying ceremony of the Project 20385 lead corvette Gremyaschiy […]

  • 19 August 2011
    Equipment & technology

      Compas Design Bureau (Moscow) for the first time presented helicopter deck landing satellite system at 10th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 opened on Aug 16 in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. That small-size equipment was designed especially for Stereguschiy-class corvette (Project 20380) in order to improve flight safety of deck-based helicopter Ka-27PL or its analogs […]

  • 3 February 2012
    Industry news

    JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard (St. Petersburg) will construct 10 Project 20385 corvettes (modernized Project 20380 Stereguschiy) for Russian Navy, the yard’s press secretary Olga Vilde told RIA Novosti on Feb 1. Official keel-laying ceremony of Project 20385 lead corvette Gremyaschiy took place on slipways of Severnaya Verf on Feb 1. The project was developed by […]

  • 10 January 2012
    Industry news

      Corvette Boiky will be commissioned into Baltic Fleet (BF) in 2012; at present, the ship had been launched and undergoes mooring trials at Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg. She will be the second serial corvette built under Project 20380. The lead ship is corvette Stereguschiy handed over to Baltic Fleet in 2007. Second […]

  • 8 May 2013
    Industry news

    Russia’s newest Baltic Fleet warship, the Project 20380 Boiky corvette, will be handed over to the Navy on May 16, St. Petersburg’s Severnaya Verf shipyard said on Monday… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, May 8, 2013

  • 16 November 2012
    Industry news

    Construction of two newest Project 20380 corvettes Sovershenny and Gromky is being delayed because Russian defense… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, November 16, 2012; Image: englishboard

  • 20 February 2012
    Industry news

    A festive construction-starting ceremony of second serial Project 20380 corvette took place at Amur Shipyard on Feb 17; the ship was christened Gromky and is expected to join Pacific Fleet, city administration of Komsomolsk-on-Amur told Central Navy Portal. The ceremony was attended by Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport, representatives of city administration of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, directors of […]

  • 2 February 2012
    Industry news

      Keel-laying ceremony of Project 20385 lead corvette Gremyaschiy took place on Jan 31 at Severnaya Verf shipyard (St. Petersburg). The ceremony was attended by Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM V. Vysotsky, fleet commanders and top-ranking naval officers, representatives of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation and JSC United Industrial Corporation, veterans and guests. The ceremony was held along […]

  • 28 December 2011
    Authorities, Industry news

      Engineers, designers, and shipbuilders were awarded the Russian Government Prize 2011 for creation of a new-generation warship – Project 20380 Stereguschiy-class corvette. At the suggestion of the inter-agency council, the Government of the Russian Federation decreed to give prizes for scientific achievements to Andrei B. Fomichev, Director General of JSC Severnaya Verf Shipyard, and […]

  • 25 December 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    In the third commissioning ceremony in eight days, the Russian Navy welcomed its sixth Project 20380 corvette into the fleet. Corvette Gromkiy joined the Pacific Fleet in a ceremony in Vladivostok on December 25. In the previous two ceremonies this month, Russia commissioned the lead Karakurt-class corvette Mytishchi and lead Project 22160 patrol ship Vasily Bykov. Also referred […]

  • 9 April 2012
    Industry news

      Severnaya Verf shipyard and Algerian Navy signed a contract for integrated modernization of third pair of Project 1234E and Project 1159T ships. The contract was concluded under the agreement tied between FSUE Rosoboronexport and Algerian defense ministry. At present, Severnaya Verf is completing modernization of second two Algerian warships (Project 1234E corvette and Project […]

  • 12 October 2012
    Training & Education

    The new Project 20380 corvette Boiky built by JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard for Baltic Fleet (BF) is passing sea trials in the fleet’s test ranges… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, October 12, 2012; Image: Flot

  • 28 July 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Industry news

    Russia’s Amur Shipbuilding Plant has launched Project 20380 corvette Gromkiy in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, five years after the ship’s construction officially started. The corvette’s launch comes eight days after the Russian Navy commissioned sister-ship Sovershenny into the Pacific Fleet. In a ceremony attended by Russian Navy and defense ministry officials and representatives of the Khabarovsk Krai district administration, Gromkiy was transferred […]

  • 1 March 2013
    Training & Education

    New Russian Stealth corvette Boiky of the Project 20380 commanded by Captain 2 Rank Sergey Lipsky successfully performed the ASW helicopter Ka-27 deck to the ship… Source: Russian Navy, March 1, 2013; Image: mil

  • 24 January 2013
    Industry news

    New Project 20380 corvette Boiky being built by Severnaya Verf shipyard for Baltic Fleet (BF) cast off from the fitting-out berth and sailed to Kronshtadt, as the source… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, January 24, 2013; Image: flot

  • 23 November 2012
    Training & Education

    New Project 20380 corvette Boiky being built by Severnaya Verf shipyard for Baltic Fleet (BF) has finished first phase of… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, November 23, 2012; Image: Forum

  • 11 February 2013
    Industry news

    The crew of the new Russian Stealth corvette Project 20380 Boiky under the command of captain of the 2nd Rank Sergey Lipsky continues builders… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, February 11 2013; Image: flot

  • 15 June 2012
    Industry news

    The contract winner of the Russian Defense Ministry’s online public auction for the delivery of three ice-class ARC4 supply ships is the Severnaya Verf. The auction was organized by the Federal Agency for Military Procurements (“Rosoboronpostavka”) and the results of the auction were announced on June 8, 2012. The draft state contract will be submitted […]

  • 12 September 2019
    Authorities, Vessels

    Russian shipbuilder Amur Shipbuilding has launched the country’s ninth Steregushchy-class (Project 20380) corvette, four years after construction start. Named Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, the ship honors the Russian Pacific Fleet sailor who sacrificed his life to save other shipmates after a fire broke out on destroyer Bystry in September 2010. The corvette […]

  • 17 May 2013

    Severnaya Verf, on May 16, hosted a ceremony to celebrate the signing of the Acceptance Act and hoisting the RF Navy flag at the second serial corvette of project 20380 Boiky. Aleksandr Ushakov, Shipyard’s Director General, and Commander Victor Ivanov, Chairman of State Commission signed the document, reports The Boiky, developed by Almaz Design […]

  • 21 September 2011
    Industry news

      JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard received tens of billions rubles as government guarantee for state defense order execution. Corresponding governmental decree No. 1575 was signed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Sept 8, 2011. According to the document, the guarantee is extended up to the end of 2015. “Such decree indicates high confidence that […]

  • 19 June 2017
    Authorities, Industry news

    The lead ship of Russian Navy’s new Project 20385 corvettes, Gremyashchy, was rolled out of the factory hall and placed on the open slipway ahead of her launch on June 30. The Severnaya Verf shipyard rolled out the corvette on June 19 and is yet to assemble her topmast and underwater parts. Designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design […]

  • 4 April 2012
    Industry news

    Corvette Stoiky will leave covered slipway of Severnaya Verf shipyard early in May. Afterwards, the ship will be docked for assembling of bulb fairwater. Launching of Stoiky is scheduled on May 21. Through the next half year, the corvette will be completed afloat; mooring trials will start in Jan 2013, and then the shipyard’s sea […]

  • 31 July 2013
    Industry news

    Severnaya Verf shipyard based in Saint-Petersburg held, July 25th, a keel-laying ceremony for corvette Provorniy of Project 20385. The corvette will be constructed for the Russian Naval Fleet and are further development of the Steregushchiy-class corvettes. Project 20385 was developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau on the basis of already in-service Stereguschiy-class (Project 20380) ships. […]

  • 28 January 2015
    Authorities, Research & Development

    The Russian Navy plans to expand its fleet with two new project 20380 Steregushchy Class Corvettes. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the vessels will be laid down at the JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, at the end of February. The corvettes, which will be named Retivyy and Strogiy, will join the navy’s […]