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  • 12 March 2012
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      United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) plans to conduct deep-sea trials of Project 677 lead diesel submarine St. Petersburg in 2012, said a spokesman for Russian defense industry. “Presently, SSK St. Petersburg is under experimental operation and will pass deep-sea trials in the current year”, said the source of ITAR-TASS. Earlier on, Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM […]

  • 23 March 2012
    Industry news

      The next trial phase of Project 677 Lada diesel electric submarine St. Petersburg will be carried out in 2012, reports ITAR-TASS referring to director of Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard Alexander Buzakov. As for him, the further fate of the project will be determined after trials. Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM Vladimir Vysotsky said early Feb 2012 […]

  • 20 September 2018
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    Russian shipbuilder Admiralty Shipyards has launched the Russian Navy’s second Project 677 (Lada-class) submarine ‘Kronshtadt’. The launching ceremony took place in St. Petersburg, on Thursday, September 20 – 13 years after construction works first started on the submarine in 2005. The first submarine in the class, Sankt Peterburg (B-585) entered service 20 years ago and serves as […]

  • 4 April 2012
    Training & Education

    Trials of Project 677 lead non-nuclear submarine St. Petersburg will continue in the current year in the Barents and the White seas, reports ARMS-TASS referring to Andrei Baranov, deputy director general of Rubin Central Design Bureau for foreign economic activity. Final tests of all onboard equipment need deep waters; such trials are impossible in the […]

  • 25 September 2012
    Training & Education

    It is planned to equip Project 677 Lada diesel electric submarines Kronshtadt and Sevastopol which construction can be resumed in… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, September 25, 2012

  • 10 February 2012
    Industry news

      Russian Navy waives further construction of Project 677 Lada submarines; currently built subs will be upgraded, Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky told RIA Novosti. Project Lada diesel electric submarines were designed late in XX century. Presently, none of them is in service; lead submarine of the project – SSK St. Petersburg – is […]

  • 30 October 2012
    Training & Education

    Being initially scheduled in late 2012, final deepwater tests of the lead Lada-class (Project 677) non-nuclear submarine St. Petersburg… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, October 30, 2012

  • 25 November 2011
    Industry news

      Construction program of Project 677 Lada non-nuclear submarines can be suspended, reports Izvestiya referring to a source in Russian Navy Main HQ. According to the source, SSK St. Petersburg will not be commissioned into the Navy and remain an experimental prototype. Defects of Lada-class submarine – unfinished propulsion plant, sonar, Lithium tactical data system, […]

  • 29 March 2012
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    Air-independent powerplant (AIP) passing trials in Russia can be mounted not only on exported Project Amur-1650 submarines but on prospective subs co-produced by Russia and India, said Viktor Komardin heading the Rosoboronexport delegation at the Defexpo India 2012 exhibition. Project Amur-1650 submarine powered by air-independent plant takes part in the $11.8-bln Indian tender for six […]

  • 7 February 2012
    Training & Education

      In 2016, a full-fledged submarine brigade will be shaped at Black Sea Fleet (BSF), RADM Alexander Fedotenkov, BSF Commander told Central Navy Portal on Feb 3. The fleet will receive first three Project 636 diesel submarines in 2014; one sub will join the fleet in 2015; other two – in 2016, said BSF Commander. […]

  • 5 November 2015
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    The latest diesel-electric 636.6 project submarine SSK Krasnodar was put in the service of the Russian Navy at Admiralty Shipyards today, November 5. According to Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Victor Chirkov, Krasnodar is the fourth diesel-electric submarine of the project built by OAO Admiralteyskiye Verfi shipyard for the Black Sea Fleet. Novorossiysk, the first submarine of the project, […]

  • 20 February 2012
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      Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM Vladimir Vysotsky refuted reports about allegedly abandoned Project 677 Lada diesel submarines. “I used violent language regarding the lead sub St. Petersburg but not Project Lada in general”, reports RIA Novosti citing Vladimir Vysotsky. “Main problem of that submarine is powerplant. As for now, we have been shown a mockup […]

  • 31 July 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    Russian shipbuilder Admiralty Shipyards has laid the keel for the first two of an additional six Project 636.3 Varshavyanka-class diesel-electric submarines (NATO reporting name: improved Kilo-class). The ceremony took place on Friday, July 28, in St. Petersburg. The two submarines will be named Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Volkhov and will join the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet once they […]

  • 27 June 2018
    Authorities, Vessels

    After starting construction on the first two boats of a new batch of Project 636.3 (Improved Kilo-class) submarines in 2017, Russia’s Admiralty Shipyard is set to deliver the submarines to the navy in 2020. The seventh and eighth boats in their class will be handed over to the Pacific Fleet in November 2020, Russian news […]

  • 17 February 2012
    Industry news

      JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard has completed manufacturing of strength hull sections for Project 636.3 submarine. The first serial submarine named Novorossiysk is built under Russian Navy’s order and will be commissioned into Black Sea Fleet in 2014. Construction of the submarine under modernized project goes on schedule. At present, the shipyard has started shaping […]

  • 19 December 2011

    JSC Rosoboronexport offers newest Russian submarine Amur-1650 for a tender issued by Indian government for procurement and license construction of six non-nuclear submarines. Russian analog of Project Amur-1650 is Project 677 Lada non-nuclear submarine. In 2010, lead sub of that project – SSK St. Petersburg – was commissioned into Russian Navy. JSC Rubin Central Design […]

  • 16 February 2017
    Authorities, Equipment & technology

    Russia’s Project 667BDR nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine ‘Ryazan’ returned to service after it spent five years in the docks undergoing repairs and modernization. Russia’s Ministry of Defence confirmed that the submarine returned to its homeport in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka after completing repairs at the shipyard Zvezda. Ryazan, one of three remaining Project 667BDR submarines, has been undergoing repairs […]

  • 21 December 2011
    Industry news

    Solemn keel-laying ceremony of Project 20180TV seagoing armament support ship Akademik Kovalev took place at JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center on Dec 19. The ship was named after Sergei N. Kovalev, famous designer of nuclear-powered submarines. The meeting was attended by Russian Navy Deputy Commander Admiral A.A. Tatarinov, Director General of JSC Zvezdochka V.S. Nikitin, […]

  • 26 July 2018
    Authorities, Equipment & technology, Training & Education

    The UK’s short take off vertical landing (STOVL) F-35B jets have started training on the first of three vertical landing pads at RAF Marham. The VLPs are built for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation by a joint venture between Galliford Try and Lagan Construction. The Norfolk site is the main operating base for the F-35 in the UK. […]

  • 13 October 2011
    Industry news

      JSC Amur Shipyard (Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Far East) will shut down nuclear submarine building activities after leasing out SSN Nerpa to Indian Navy, reported Interfax referring to Roman Trotsenko, president of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). According to him, abandonment of submarine building at Amur Shipyard is related to shallow waters of Amur River which is […]

  • 28 December 2017

    The Russian Navy’s fourth Delta-IV class ballistic missile submarine ‘Tula’ has completed her overhaul at the Zvezdochka shipyard and is now en route to her homeport in Murmansk where she will re-enter service with the Northern Fleet. Tula spent the past two years undergoing repair and modernization works in Severodvinsk. The shipbuilder said the submarine […]

  • 9 November 2012
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    On Nov 5, 1967, governmental board commissioned lead submarine of Project 667A into Soviet Navy. K-137 Leninets opened the series of second-generation nuclear-powered submarines armed with 16 ballistic missiles and capable to launch them from under water. As was said at the ceremony on occasion of the 45-th anniversary of the sub’s commission, Sevmash shipyard […]

  • 21 December 2011
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    Project 667BDRM nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Verkhoturye which is currently being repaired on the main slipway of JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center will be delivered to the Navy by the end of 2012, reports the yard’s press service. The submarine is supposed to leave the covered slipway in March 2012. After that, nuclear reactor […]

  • 27 March 2012
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    Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Verkhoturye on March 24 was withdrawn from covered slipway of JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center, reports the yard’s press service. Project 667BDRM Delfin (on NATO classification – Delta-IV) nuclear-powered subs are basic assets of Russia’s maritime nuclear deterrence force. Their construction was started in 1981 at Sevmash shipyard. In total, […]

  • 19 November 2012
    Industry news

    In 2013, Russian defense ministry will start equipping of Project 971 Schuka-B and Project 877 Varshavyanka… [mappress] Source: Russian Navy, November 19, 2012

  • 24 April 2012

    JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center (Severodvinsk) plans to return Project 667BDRM nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Verkhoturye to Russian Navy in Nov 2012; the sub is presently passing overhaul. The yard is to complete all repair works on the hull, outboard systems, damage control system, equipment of steam-generating plant, and other shipboard devices. According to […]

  • 21 March 2012
    Industry news

      It is planned to set afloat diesel electric submarine Novorossiysk late in 2013. According to Alexander Buzakov, acting director general of Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard, the Project 636.3 diesel sub will be stationed at Black Sea Fleet. SSK Novorossiysk was developed by Rubin Central Design Bureau. It is a third-generation submarine and modernization of projects […]

  • 16 February 2012
    Equipment & technology

    With modernization of submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) R-29RMU2 Sineva, Russian Navy’s strategic nuclear force would become 2.5 times more effective, reports Izvestiya referring to a source in Russian Navy Main HQ. “The upgraded missile will obtain the name of Liner and be based in the same submarines as Sineva and its predecessors were”, he said. […]

  • 22 November 2011
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    Solemn keel-laying ceremony of non-nuclear submarine B-237 Rostov-na-Donu took place on Nov 21, 2011 at JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard. The ceremony was attended by members of Russian government, St. Petersburg city administration, directors of Admiralteyskie Verfi, representatives of developer (Rubin Design Bureau) and orderer (Russian Navy). This is the second Project 06363 non-nuclear submarine laid […]