Royal Australian Navy’s Biggest Warship Launched

THE Royal Australian Navy’s newest and biggest warship has been launched at a Spanish shipyard…

By Mark Dodd (theaustralian)


Source:theaustralian , February 18, 2011

In 2007 the federal government selected the Spanish design ahead of a rival French bid for a smaller 24,000 tonne Mistral class warship.

HMAS Canberra will be able to carry up to 12 helicopters – six in hangars and six on deck – 1000 troops and 150 vehicles including the army’s 67-tonne M1 Abrams tank.

The LHDs are also expected to serve a key role in providing disaster relief and will solve the RAN’s current deficit in amphibious support ships.

It is hoped that by the time both ships are in service the RAN will also have solved its crewing problems.