U.S. Navy Purchases QBC STAR Hematology Analyzers


QBC Diagnostics is pleased to announce the sale of STAR hematology analyzers to the United States Navy for use on submarines around the globe.

The QBC STAR provides a 9-parameter complete blood count through its patented dry hematology approach, which eliminates the need for liquid reagents in the system.  Because of this unique technology, the STAR is an ideal diagnostic instrument for use in the extreme conditions experienced on a submarine.

Last August, the Navy purchased and installed STAR analyzers on the majority of its surface vessels around the world.  This new purchase will allow the Navy to install analyzers on a variety of submarines, including ballistic missile subs, guided missile subs, and others.

Ken Moscone, President and CEO of QBC Diagnostics, said, “This latest agreement further deepens the relationship between QBC Diagnostics and the U.S. Navy, and affirms the impact the STAR is having on the health of our servicemen and women.  The dry hematology approach used by the STAR provides reliable results in a variety of different settings, making it ideal for use on Navy submarines.”

Source: qbcdiagnostics,