SECNAV Visits Naval Forces Korea

Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), visited Commander, Naval Forces Korea to meet with the command’s senior leadership and talk with Sailors and Marines April 19.

The Honorable Ray Mabus, the 75th Secretary of the Navy, visited Korea during his tour of the Pacific area of responsibility (AOR).

Mabus held an all-hands call where he answered questions from Sailors and Marines on Perform-to-Serve quotas; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal training, and future manning issues.

During that session, Mabus stressed the importance of leadership and military service.

“We have great leadership in the Navy and Marine Corps today,” said Mabus. “You are light years ahead in training and capability of the Navy of 40 years ago.”

The SECNAV also assured service members that they were appreciated and supported by the people back in the United States.

“He seems to have faith in the Sailors,” said Information Technician 2nd Class Shannon Garner. “He wanted to let us know that we serving here in Korea are not forgotten.”

Mabus took the opportunity to thank Sailors for their hard work and dedication to the nation. “The work that you are doing in Korea is crucial,” Mabus said. “Thank you and God Bless you for all that you do for your country.”

Mabus also recognized the contribution of service members and their families in the Korean peninsula. “Military service requires a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifices of both you and your families,” said Mabus.

While Mabus spoke of the future of the Navy and where it stands today, he also had an opportunity to tell the service members how proud he is of the current military force.

“We do it all. We are able to use the same force and platforms for humanitarian assistance, war fighting, and in joint environments,” Mabus said. “The Navy and Marine Corps team is the most flexible and efficient force in the United States arsenal.”

In addition to meeting with service members Mabus visited the Republic of Korea navy’s Cheonan ship memorial and met with Republic of Korea naval leadership.

Source: navy, April 20, 2011;