Italy: Submarine Commanders Discuss Cooperation

Commander Submarines, Allied Naval Forces South, met with the commander of the French navy’s submarine forces April 21, on board Naval Support Activity, Naples.

The meeting between Rear Adm. James G. Foggo III and French navy Vice Adm. Georges-Henri Mouton was part of a two-day visit to strengthen the military ties between the two navies. The two discussed their respective submarine forces and operations in Europe.

“I came to Naples to meet with Rear. Adm. Foggo and discuss the relationship our navies have in regards to our submarine forces, especially our [fast attack submarines],” said Mouton. “I wanted to discuss ideas on how we can work together better and talk about the future.”

Even though this was the first time Mouton and Foggo had met in person, they have been working together for a while and were able to speak openly about many issues facing submarine operations in Europe.

“It is important to build strong relationships so you are able to sit down and discuss issues frankly and determine a way ahead,” said Foggo. “That is what we did, determined a way ahead and improved on what is already an extremely fruitful and productive relationship between our submarine forces.”

Foggo continued, speaking about recent cooperation between the two nations’ navies with regards to the situation in Libya.

“Our navies operated together during Odyssey Dawn and now during Unified Protector and we can’t thank the French navy enough for everything they do,” said Foggo.

By Gary Keen (navy)
Source: navy, April 22, 2011;