US Navy Extends Enlisted Early Transition Program

With the release of NAVADMIN 142/11, April 22, the Navy has extended the Enlisted Early Transition Program (EETP) to Sept. 30, 2013.

Due to the Navy’s unprecedented retention and successful recruitment, Sailors are being offered a voluntary early separation option.

“Our end strength and our over-manning in certain ratings was a consideration for the extension of this program,” said Mike Dawson, head enlisted community manager, Navy Personnel Command. “Our community managers have also received a lot of feedback from Sailors and the Fleet that they would apply for an early-out if they were eligible.”

EETP differs from the Early Career Transition Program (ECTP) which allows Sailors to transition into the Selective Reserve (SELRES) prior to their End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) by submitting a request three to 15 months in advance. EETP allows Sailors to request early separation up to 24 months prior to their scheduled EAOS or extended EAOS.

The ECTP is a program that regardless of the time a Sailor has left on his EAOS, he or she can transition to SELRES,” said Dawson. “Technically, a Sailor could have just signed a six year contract and decide today that they want to complete the remainder of their commitment in SELRES. EETP, on the other hand, is an early-out.”

Qualified Sailors may submit their request for early separation to Commander, Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM) via their commanding officer (CO). Commanding officers have final disapproval authority under this program and should not forward a request they cannot support. COMNAVPERSCOM has final approval authority for requests with positive CO endorsement.

MILPERSMAN 1910-102 requirement for “separation by reason” does not apply to this program. Sailors are not required to state a reason for making the request since this is a voluntary program.

Approval for Sailors with critical Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC) will be based on individual community requirements.

Early separation requests will not be approved for Sailors:

* In nuclear ratings;

* In receipt of permanent change of station orders;

* Identified to fill or currently serving on a Global War on Terrorism/Overseas Contingency Operation, or Individual Augmentee assignment whose rotation date would be affected;

* In the National Call to Service Program;

* In any sea warfare combat program;

* Sailors serving in a rating and/or holding an NEC listed in any enlistment bonus, Selective Re-enlistment Bonus, or similar special and incentive pay program in effect at anytime within the fiscal year of the request or separation;

* Assigned to a Department of Defense area tour and have not completed the tour requirement, including overseas tour extension incentive program for which a benefit has been received; or

* Who are retirement eligible.

“Sailors who are no longer interested in staying in the Navy are highly encouraged to apply,” said Dawson.

Source: navy, April 25, 2011