USA: Wilmington Tug Replaces Old Two-Stroke Engines


You might say the tugs operated by American company Wilmington Tug have doubled their range of strokes.

Instead of their old two-stroke engines, they are now driven by fourstroke MTU Series 4000 power units. The story behind the
change is that the in land waterway vessels and tankers they have to tow have become increasingly larger over the years,
meaning that the tugs’ engines have had to follow suit and make way for more powerful replacements. “We are used mainly for maneuvering ships in and out of docks, so the reliability of the tug is decisive,” explains Hickman Rowland, owner and CEO of Wilmington Tug. “We have to be able to rely on
the fact that the engines will start – regardless of when we are called on. And we must be certain th at they work reliably
and produce the power demanded the whole of the time,” he adds.

About Wilmington Tug

Since our beginning in 1965, Wilmington Tug, Inc. has been owned and operated by the Rowland family. Our commitment to provide superior service is unsurpassed, because our business reputation is also our family reputation.

From the Founder, Captain Harry H. Rowland to Captain H. Hickman Rowland, the current President, the owners have been experienced docking pilots. It is this hands-on expertise that has helped us put together the most advanced tug fleet for ship assist work found in any port on the U.S. east coast.
Source: MTU report 01/11 , May 2, 2011;