Italian Navy Completes Trials of Four Janus-Naval Electro-Optical Turrents


SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, is pleased to announce that the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) has completed trials of four Janus-Naval (Janus-N) electro-optical turrets and has formally accepted the systems.

The Janus-N systems were installed on four patrol boats (Classe Comandanti) of the Italian Navy which are regularly used in Italy for immigration control and operate out of the Navy’s harbour at Augusta, Sicily.

Demonstrating SELEX Galileo’s remarkable agility, the Janus-N systems are now fully operational just 10 months after the Company signed a contract to deliver the four systems.

“The success of the Janus-N programme is based on the close working relationship SELEX Galileo has established with the Italian Navy over a number of years. We hope that Janus-N will go on to be installed on all of the Italian Navy’s patrol boats, to be used in operations against illegal immigration” said Mauro Gori, SVP Electro optics and Naval, adding: “The naval market requires increasingly sophisticated systems that allow crews to control the waters that surround them, for surveillance and self-protection. In both of these areas, SELEX Galileo has a strong tradition of excellence.”

The Italian Navy was pleased by the speed at which the Janus-N was installed and by the excellent performance of the system. Plans are already in progress for the Navy to acquire a fifth system.


Janus-N is a naval variant of SELEX Galileo’s well known Janus electro-optic turret for land applications.

In addition to delivering the electro-optical sensor turrets themselves, the contract for the Janus-N also included a simplified human-machine interface console with display and controls that allows the operator to remotely operate the turret. This allows the crew to view their surroundings, identify targets, and record images day or night and send the data back to a remote station.
Source: selexgalileo, May 13, 2011;