USA: MTN Receives Hot Companies and Best Products Award


MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the global provider of communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations around the world, today announced it was selected as the Best Management Team in Network Products Guide’s 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. The management team — which has driven MTN to record growth — was recognized for its leadership and contributions to the company’s success.

Under the guidance of the management team, MTN has increased its revenue and more than doubled in size. The company has led the satellite industry in innovation with the launch of MTN Worldwide TV, the first-ever multichannel global television network, and StreamXcel Plus, an integrated hardware and software solution for managing shipboard satellite communications. In addition, MTN’s Government Services Division received a five-year, $50 million contract from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to deliver global broadband satellite services to support key agency missions.

“From cruise line customers to the yachting industry to our men and women serving in the Armed Forces, MTN has always pushed for greater innovation in the interest of connectivity and communications,” said Jonathan Weintraub, CEO at MTN. “To achieve this, our management team members take great pride in motivating and leading each of our employees. This award is a testament to their hard work.”

Network Products Guide’s Hot Companies and Best Products Awards recognize the achievements of organizations around the world for their performance, products and services, executives and management teams, and customer support and satisfaction. The winners were recognized during an awards ceremony on May 10 in Las Vegas.

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About MTN Satellite Communications

MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) is the leading global provider of communications, connectivity, and content services to remote locations around the world. MTN’s maritime VSAT solutions and global satellite communications network offer the reliability that only “Always On — Always Available” systems can provide. More than 600 vessels and land-based terminals worldwide, including cruise ships, commercial ships, offshore drilling and production sites, government and military vessels, private yachts, and ferries depend on MTN’s voice and data networks to allow them to “be in the middle of nowhere and at the center of everything.” Premium services include remote access for Internet, fixed and mobile phones, fax, television, onboard newspapers, banking services, direct payroll deposit for crew, and other enterprise solutions. MTN is based in Miramar, Fla. and has offices worldwide.

Source: prnewswire, May 17, 2011;