UK: Ultra Signs USD 29.09 Million Cryptographic Equipment Contract

Ultra announced in 2010 that its Communication & Integrated Systems business, based in Greenford, UK, had been awarded a contract relating to the End Cryptographic Unit Replacement Programme (ECU RP), the first phase of the UK MoD’s cryptographic modernisation programme. Ultra now announces that it has also been awarded a contract to replace other special purpose cryptographic units.

The contract has been awarded by the UK Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Networks Delivery Team and is valued at more than £18m. Execution will be over the period 2011 to 2013 with support to 2017 and potentially beyond this date. The special purpose cryptographic unit is used in a number of secure facilities and platforms and protects information at the highest levels of classification.

The special purpose cryptographic unit contract is a separate contract from the ECU RP but it is similar in that it replaces another legacy ECU product. The ECU RP continues to plan and has just successfully completed its system design review with DE&S.

Ultra is highly experienced in the specialist requirements of high grade cryptography including all aspects of cryptographic and key management and has fulfilled the secure communication requirements of customers, in the UK and abroad, for over 50 years.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra, commented:

I am very pleased that Ultra has been awarded the special purpose crypto unit replacement contract. This award demonstrates the continued confidence of DE&S in Ultra’s ability to supply and support critical elements of the UK’s most secure communication infrastructure. As part of this contract Ultra will build its own cryptographic product and thereby ensure that the UK has its own fully sovereign capability in this market. Cryptography and key management are core to the hardening of information networks, an important element of the developing cyber security market. Ultra is pleased to be able to offer innovative solutions to these market requirements.“
Source: ultra-electronics, May 19, 2011