Russia: ASW Vice Admiral Kulakov Arrives in Severomorsk


Northern Fleet (NF) large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov commanded by Capt 1 rank Alexander Mashinetsky arrived in Severomorsk on May 25. The cruise was conducted under the flag of NF Antisubmarine Ship Division Deputy Commander Capt 1 rank Anton Speransky.

NF antisubmariners took part in Russian-Norwegian naval exercise Pomor-2011 in May 11-16; except for Vice Admiral Kulakov, the exercise was attended by Norwegian ships – frigate Helge Instad and Coast Guard ship Andenes – and naval aviation of both countries.

The 5-day exercise was held in the Barents and the Norwegian seas. Major objective was to practice cooperation between Russian and Norwegian military in Arctic region. The Pomor-2011 exercise consisted of several episodes – joint maneuvering, artillery firings at air and sea surface targets, antisubmarine drill, repelling air attack, anti-piracy operation, releasing an oil platform and a civil vessel from armed extremists, and rescue of crewmembers in distress.

NF commanding officers and their Norwegian counterparts highly appreciated actions done by Russian antisubmariners during the Pomor-2011 exercise.

The crew of large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov will enter upon planned combat training which will also imply improvement of naval skills at the Barents Sea’s test ranges.
Source: rusnavy, May 27, 2011;