Russia: Caspian Flotilla’s Simulation of Damage

Caspian Flotilla (CF) small gunnery ship Astrakhan conducted the underway damage control drill.

According to the drill scenario, a fire occurred on the ship’s afterdeck. Crew of Astrakhan started to extinguish the fire, but failed to do that alone. Commanding officer called in fireboat PZhK-86. Having approached the ship, the fireboat located the fire by delivering water to the afterdeck with onboard monitors. Afterwards, rescue team boarded the ship and foamed the fire.

Then divers turned hands to the operation and examined screw-rudder system and the ship’s underwater part. No damages were found.

Damage control drill proved high skills of Astrakhan crew while acting in emergency situations.

Source: rusnavy , June 1, 2011;