USA: Shark Tank 2011 Exercise Starts


Navy Reserve Sailors from Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadrons (MSRON) 1 and 11 commenced the field training exercise “Shark Tank 2011” on San Clemente Island, Calif., June 2.

A total of 13 Navy Reserve detachments from Texas and California are participating in the month-long exercise, which focuses on multi-phase, squadron-level expeditionary training and certifications.

“The great thing about Shark Tank is obviously the skills you gain here,” said Lt. Richard Vallejos, an operations officer for the exercise. “You take a guy like me who is a Surface Warfare Officer and put me on the bridge of a ship, I know exactly what I’m doing. But by taking part in Shark Tank, I learn a whole new set of skills and will be ready for the expeditionary environments I will come across while deployed with MSRON.”

According to exercise planners, Shark Tank is still in its infancy and its primary goal is to establish continuity among MSRON commands.

“Our goal is to setup a schoolhouse,” said Lt. Dustin Burton, the Shark Tank 2011 training officer. “We want to create a place where we can teach and have Sailors learn the basic skills required to perform in various expeditionary environments.

“First aid, weapons training, small boat operations, communication skills – these are just a few things we are going to work on this month,” added Burton.

Approximately 175 Sailors, coming from a various Navy backgrounds, will take part in this year’s exercise.

For many new to the expeditionary warfare community, Shark Tank will serve as a first look into the world of expeditionary skills.

Shark Tank really gives you a look at the big picture,” said Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Angel Ortiz. “You get to learn the basics, but you also see how these things apply in the real world.”

Ortiz said that the experience gained during the exercise is not only for the military.

“These skills can be transferred right into the civilian world and I think you grow as both a professional and as a person,” said Ortiz.
Source: navy, June 7, 2011;