Russia,Ukraine Won’t “Play Politics” With BSF, Foregin Minister Says


Russia and Ukraine will not “play politics” with Black Sea Fleet (BSF) based in Crimea, said Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich promised to settle the BSF issue without prejudice to “strategic friendly relations with Russia”. Deployment term of Russian fleet in Crimea was extended for 25 years after 2017 with possible prolongation.

“We signed the framework treaty regarding Black Sea Fleet and it is not in doubt. However, that treaty provides that various problems appearing while BSF deployment in Ukrainian territory would be resolved in supplementary agreements”, Lavrov said in the interview to Ekho Moskvy radio.

Lavrov pointed out that the parties had already signed “tens of such agreements”. “There are draft contracts which are being negotiated at the moment too”, he added.

“Sometimes lack of such legal base brings up problems. But current Ukrainian administration comprehends that one should settle this issues in professional and competent manner instead of playing politics”, concluded the minister.
Source: rusnavy , June 8, 2011;