Russia Celebrates Beacon Service Day



Russia celebrates Beacon Service Day on June 8. Pacific Fleet made considerable contribution to establishing and development of this service.

The first beacon in the Far East – Petropavlovsky Lighthouse – was built 161 years ago at the entry to Avachinskaya Bay. Great number of lighthouses constructed over 100 years ago still operates on the Pacific coast. For instance, Nazimov Lighthouse turns 115 this year, Gamov Lighthouse – 105, Povorotny Lighthouse – 115, Skryplev Lighthouse – 135.

Generally, more than 100 lighthouses and other beacon lights with over 400 employees presently serve at Pacific Fleet. Of course, requirements to beacons become more severe as time goes. It is planned to equip them with up-to-date radars and GLONASS positioning systems.


Source: Rusnavy, June 10, 2011;