Russia: Air Force to Get Attack Aircrafts

According to a source from Russian Navy Main HQ, attack aircrafts of naval aviation will be handed over to Air Force till the current year is over.

The question is long-range bombers Tu-22M3, fighters MiG-31 (air regiment deployed in Kamchatka), Su-27, and front-line bombers Su-24 based in Baltiysk, explained the source.

The exception is Black Sea Fleet’s Su-24 bombers which deployment in Crimea is provided by the Russian-Ukrainian treaty”, said the spokesman.

He added, however, that deck-based fighters and attack aircrafts Su-33 and Su-25, ASW aircrafts Il-38 and amphibious aircrafts Be-12 (Black Sea Fleet) will remain within Russian Navy’s structure.


Source: rusnavy, June 17, 2011;