Multinational Navies Partner During Ukrainian-American Naval Exercise


Sailors from multinational navies participated in several training evolutions during a maritime joint operations evolution aboard guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61), as part of exercise Sea Breeze 2011, June 15.

The two-day voyage aboard Monterey included exercises for air defense and antisubmarine warfare, and provided all involved an opportunity to work with and learn from partnering militaries.

Sea Breeze allows us a chance to partner with our allies in the Black Sea and helps us better understand each others’ capabilities, which furthers our ability to work together when we need to,” said Capt. James Kilby, USS Monterey commanding officer.

An air defense exercise aboard Monterey included training with Ukrainian ships and aircraft, and was followed later by an antisubmarine warfare demonstration, led by the Ukrainian navy with assistance from Turkish and U.S. ships.

The exercise provided a chance to practice searching for submarines by using an Expendable Mobile Anti-submarine warfare Training Target (EMATT). Ships attempted to track the EMATT by emitting sonar signals, while U.S. and Ukrainian personnel worked together to discover the exact coordinates of the device.

“Exercises like this help train personnel how to work together and how to prepare and conduct multinational operations using our united forces,” said Ukrainian Capt. Roman Gladkiy, deputy commander of Maritime Component Command for Sea Breeze. “It also helps improve teamwork and gives us the opportunity to work and operate together.”

This portion of Sea Breeze also gave USS Monterey’s enlisted Sailors an opportunity to work with other nations’ navies.

“This was a learning process and the joint effort between host nations helped make the event a success,” said Operations Specialist 2nd Class Wesley Payne. “Everyone worked well together.”

Sea Breeze is the largest multinational maritime exercise this year in the Black Sea, is co-hosted by the Ukrainian and U.S. Navies with air, land and naval forces from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Macedonia, Moldova, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States participating.

Exercise Sea Breeze 2011 aims to improve maritime safety, security and stability actions in the Black Sea by enhancing the capabilities of Partnership for Peace and Black Sea regional maritime security forces.
Source: navy, June 20, 2011;