Russia: ASW Ship Admiral Chabanenko, Shakhter to Attend FRUKUS 2011


Northern Fleet (NF) large ASW ship Admiral Chabanenko and Black Sea Fleet (BSF) rescue tug Shakhter will take part in the FRUKUS 2011 quadruple naval exercise in June 23-30, 2011. Reportedly, FRUKUS is one of the key events of Russia’s naval cooperation.

Except for Russia, warships of British, US, and French navies will participate in the exercise. The goal is to practice interaction within joint anti-piracy task force.

On June 20 large ASW ship Admiral Chabanenko and rescue tug Shakhter will call at US naval base Norfolk, the exercise control center. FRUKUS 2011 is to start on June 23 near east coast US.

The FRUKUS 2011 exercise will consist of several episodes including joint maneuvering, repelling attacks of fast-speed vessels, boarding operations, inter-ship helicopter landings etc.

The exercise plan includes joint drills in interaction and communication which are necessary to counter piracy, terrorism, and arms smuggling along with British, US, and French warships.

In 1993 the RUKUS program was launched by the Russian Federation, Great Britain and the US implying joint naval exercises and negotiations. For the first time warships of the three countries held sea exercise in 1996.

The program was renamed into FRUKUS when France joined it in 2003. The exercises are conducted on the quadruple basis since 2005.
Source: rusnavy, June 20, 2011;