US Navy Refuses to Delegate Cruiser to International Maritime Defense Show

Dutch, German and US warships will attend the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2011) to take place in St. Petersburg since June 29 till July 3, told diplomatic sources to Central Navy Portal.

Royal Netherlands Navy will be represented by Karel Doorman class multi-purpose frigate F831 Van Amstel.

German Navy will dispatch Sachsen class frigate F220 Hamburg to St. Petersburg.

US Navy will delegate Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate FFG52 USS Carr to the naval show.

According to Central Navy Portal, US Navy initially planned to send a cruiser to IMDS-2011, although it was decided to present a smaller ship due to concerns over the harbor accommodation capabilities.

USS Carr FFG52 is expected to arrive in St. Petersburg on June 28 at 9 am. Dutch frigate Van Amstel F831 will moor three hours later. German warship Hamburg F220 will call at St. Petersburg on June 29 at 9 am.

The ships are supposed to leave the city in the evening of July 3 after official closing of the exhibition.

British warships are not about to attend the IMDS-2011, reports Central Navy Portal referring to the UK Embassy.

French ships will not take part in the naval show either due to ‘operational employment’.
Source: rusnavy, June 21, 2011