ASW ship Admiral Chabanenko Visits US Naval Base Norfolk


Northern Fleet (NF) large ASW ship Admiral Chabanenko paid a formal visit to US naval base Norfolk on June 20. It took the Russian warship 20 days to get from the permanent basing site to the US east coast.

The visit’s program includes meetings of the cruise command with senior naval officer and mayor of Norfolk, and participation in planning briefings of the FRUKUS-2011 joint naval exercise.

Except for preparations to the international exercise, the Russian crew will have an opportunity to go sightseeing over Norfolk.

As is expected, Admiral Chabanenko will be visited by Russian Ambassador to the US.

The Russian warship has arrived in Norfolk to take part in the FRUKUS-2011 joint naval exercise along with Black Sea Fleet rescue tug Shakhter. The exercise will take place off east coast US in June 23-30 with the view to practice anti-piracy and convoy-escorting actions of joint task force.
Source: rusnavy, June 22, 2011;