Russia: Yacht Regatta Opens Crimea Cup 2011


The Crimea Cup 2011 is to be opened by yacht regatta for Ukrainian Navy Commander’s Prize to start in Sevastopol and be held along Crimean coast in the period of June 24 – July 4.

The regatta is associated with 228th anniversary of Sevastopol.

Ukrainian Navy delegates 6 yachts, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet – 4, Sevastopol – 4, Mariupol – 3, Odessa – 2, Kiev – 1, and Saki – 1.

Initiators of the regatta are Ukrainian Navy command, Sevastopol city administration, and Crimea’s Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports.

The regatta’s opening ceremony will take place on June 24 at 6.30 pm at Primorsky Boulevard. First race will start in the morning of June 25 at inner harbor of Sevastopol Bay. Further route is Balaklava – Feodosiya – Ordzhonikidze – Artek – Sevastopol.

The regatta will be escorted by Ukrainian Navy’s training boat Nova Kakhovka with judging panel on board headed by Edward Yurchenko.
Source:rusnavy , June  24, 2011;