US Navy’s Frigate USS Carr to Visit St. Petersburg


US Navy’s frigate USS Carr will call at St. Petersburg on June 28 to participate in 5th International Maritime Defense Show. The American ship’s visit will last till July 3. Central Navy Portal hunted out the visit program of the US frigate.

USS Carr will moor at Marine Passenger Terminal on June 28 at 8.30 am. Later on that day, the ship’s commanding officer Peter Pagano will pay protocol visit to Leningrad Naval Base Commander and hold a press conference on board the ship.

Next day, on June 29, American mariners will take part in wreath-laying ceremony at Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery since 10.15 am till 11.15 am.

On June 29 the ship will be opened for foreign military delegations since 10 am till 1 pm. Shipbuilding experts will visit USS Carr all day long.

According to Central Navy Portal, the frigate’s commanding officer Peter Pagano will attend the IMDS-2011 official opening ceremony – the initiator’s reception to be held in Pribaltiyskaya Hotel since 7 pm till 11 pm.

The IMDS-2011 opening ceremony will take place on June 30 since 11 am till 12.20 pm. The frigate’s commanding officer will take the seat amid honorary guests. Later on that day, American mariners will visit Central Naval Museum since 11 am till 1 pm. The ship will be opened for VIP visitors since 12 pm till 2 pm .

On June 30 since 9 am till 11 pm the US Navy’s delegation headed by the ship’s commanding officer will participate in the presentation of shipbuilding complex and a reception given by St. Petersburg Governor in Konstantinovsky Palace.

Shipbuilding experts and foreign delegations will visit USS Carr all day long on July 1.

The ship’s deck will be opened for St. Petersburg locals on July 2 since 11 am till 5 pm and on July 3 since 11.30 am till 3.30 pm.

American sailors are to attend the IMDS-2011 reward ceremony on July 3 since 1.30 pm till 2.30 pm, and at 3 pm – the exhibition’s closing ceremony.


Overall length of FFG52 USS Carr is 138.1 meters; beam is 14.3 meters; draft is 8. 5 meters; displacement is 4,100 tons; crew is 192 men (22 commissioned and 170 enlisted); full speed is 29 knots; fuel range is 4,500 miles at 20 knots.


1×1 antiship/antiaircraft missile launcher (8 antiship missiles Harpoon and 32 antiaircraft missiles Standard); 1×1 gun mount OTO Melara 76/62; 1×6 antiaircraft gun system Phalanx 20/76; 2×3 324-mm ASW torpedo tubes; 1×4 electronic jammer; SPS-49 radar; SQS-56 sonar; SQR-19 sonar, jamming system SLQ-32.
Source: rusnavy, June 27, 2011;