USA: EMS, Lockheed Martin to Develop Seeker Antenna for LRASM

EMS Defense & Space, a division of aero connectivity and mobile resource management leader, EMS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELMG), today announced a contract with Lockheed Martin to develop a radio frequency seeker antenna for the U.S. Navy’s Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM).

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control to complete the design and flight demonstration of two variants — LRASM A and B — of the missile. LRASM-B, the supersonic prototype, will enable very long-range, positive target identification and precision engagement of moving ships in the presence of advanced countermeasures and hostile active defense systems.

Our efforts are focused on enhancing the capabilities of the warfighter,” said Marion Van Fosson, Vice President and General Manager, EMS Defense & Space. “With the increasing threat from hostile countries, our mission is to help equip the warfighter with the most advanced weaponry possible.”

EMS is scheduled to deliver a prototype of the seeker antenna in Q3 2011. The company was able to leverage its extensive expertise with other high-speed missile programs to win its role on the LRASM-B program. The development of this antenna is a unique extension of EMS Defense & Space’s best-in-class offering of low-profile, highly efficient antennas.

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EMS Defense & Space, a division of EMS Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of antenna and beam management systems for a broad range of military and commercial applications, including mobile network-centric operations and radar for battlefield visibility. Utilizing innovative and cuttingedge technology, the division’s products and services enable secure and vital RF links in the air, in space, at sea and on the ground.
Source: ems, June  29, 2011;