U. S. Navy Announces Revisions to Sea/Shore Flow for Enlisted Career Paths


The Navy released a message announcing revisions to the sea/shore flow for enlisted career paths July 12.

NAVADMIN 201/11 provides the Fleet with the updated sea shore flow for every rating. Thirty-six ratings will see an increase in sea time, and 18 will now be classified as sea intensive. Sailors in these ratings can expect to spend more than half their careers at sea.

Our nation knows the importance and effectiveness of our forward-deployed Navy, whether delivering aid to those in need, or hunting terrorists. The skills and capabilities of our Sailors are in great demand as an integral part of our national security and maritime strategy,” explained Rear Adm. Cynthia Covell, director, Total Force requirements Division (OPNAV N12). “As a result, the Navy has increased the number of sea duty billets and decreased the number of shore duty billets since 2008.”

To meet the new sea/shore requirements, Navy Personnel Command may adjust some Sailors’ projected rotation dates (PRD) based on the length of tour remaining. As a general rule, PRDs of March 2012 or earlier will not be adjusted, unless requested by the Sailor or if their commanding officer submits a request based on unit readiness or deployment needs.

To maintain proper career progression, no sea tour lengths will involuntarily exceed 60 months for Sailors with less than 20 years of service (YOS) and 48 months for Sailors with more than 20 YOS. Sailors are advised to contact their community manager or detailer for information on the availability of incentives such as sea duty incentive pay for volunteering to serve additional time at sea.
Source: navy, July 13, 2011