Estonian Divers Find Wrecks of Soviet Submarine

Estonian divers found wrecks of Soviet submarine in the Gulf of Riga next to Ruhnu Island, reports Interfax referring to local press.

Fishermen whose tackles had always hooked something in that area helped to find a place. Divers used sonars and their suppositions were confirmed – there is a submarine lying on the seabed at the depth of 55 meters.

Advisor of Conservation Department and the head of sunken ships search expedition Maili Rojo said it was too early to define exactly what sub lies on the bottom. As for her, all conclusions should be made only after detailed research.

However, according to local archeologist Vello Mjass who once had found Russian battleship Rusalka sunken in 1893, this is Soviet Schuka-class submarine. As for him, Soviet Navy intentionally sank that sub in 1958 to let military divers practice their skills.

The submarine’s wrecks are located 2.5 miles eastward Ruhnu Island.


Source: rusnavy, August 8, 2011;