UK: HMS Liverpool Gets Praises for Calm Reaction in Libya

The captain of a Portsmouth-based warship has praised his crew for their calm reaction to being fired at with rockets.

HMS Liverpool prepared to fire her Sea Dart missile system during a tense stand-off with pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya.

The Type 42 warship, which has been patrolling offshore to enforce the UN shipping embargo, was fired at with multiple rockets.

The 267-strong crew donned white anti-flash suits as they closed to action stations and prepared to return fire.

But fortunately the missiles fell harmlessly a few miles short of Liverpool meaning she did not have to engage.

The battery where the rockets were fired from was later destroyed by allied Apache attack helicopters flying from HMS Ocean.

Liverpool’s commanding officer, Commander Colin Williams, 41, said:

“The artillery that fired at us isn’t there any more. We achieved our mission.”

“The team behaved exactly as I wanted, they were calm and professional. I’m intensely proud of them.”

For several weeks HMS Liverpool has been going close to the Libyan coast to help rebel forces battling Gaddafi.

The missile attack was not the first time the warship has been fired upon as she has carried out her duties.

Cdr Williams said:

“We have to observe all of the rules governing our remit out here.”

“We are here to stop the regime harming civilians in accordance with the UN Security Resolutions.”


Source: royalnavy, August 8, 2011;