Russia: Baltic Fleet Ships Complete Preparations for International Minesweeping Exercise

Harbor Defense Division of Baltiysk Naval Base is completing preparations for the Open Spirit 2011 international minesweeping exercise to be held late in Aug. Crews of harbor minesweepers Sergei Kolbasiev and BT-230 headed by the division commander Capt 1 rank Pavel Prosekov tested the ships at sea.

The ships practiced joint maneuvering, searched and swept mines in assigned area. Dummy anchor mine was detected and destroyed during the drill.

Besides, the crews rendered assistance to a “distressed” vessel. One by one, minesweepers approached the vessel and practiced boarding of rescue teams, towage, underway cargo transshipment, and water/fuel replenishment.

Baltiysk Naval Base HQ headed by Capt 1 rank Oleg Zhuravlev highly appreciated the crews’ activities at sea. According to results of the trials, minesweepers are ready to attend the Open Spirit 2011 international exercise.


Source: rusnavy, August 9, 2011;