Traditional Trilateral Joint Exercise Cooperation & Security 2011 Takes Place in Baltic


Having become traditional, the trilateral joint exercise Cooperation & Security 2011 was held on Aug 4 in the Gulf of Finland northeast Seskar Island.

The exercise was aimed at cooperation between frontier services of the Russian Federation, Finland, and Estonia in control over surface situation and life-saving at sea.

The objectives were improvement of interaction between coast guard agencies, practicing assistance to distressed vessel, and rescuing people at sea.

The exercise took place in the Gulf of Finland to the northeast from Seskar Island. Frontier services of Russia, Finland, and Estonia delegated one patrol ship, a helicopter and a national border guard center each.

Direction of the exercise was carried out by representatives of participating countries’ frontier services. Russian party was headed by General Lieutenant Anatoly Zabrodin; Finnish – by Brigadier General Mikko Kirjavainen; and Estonian – by Colonel Toivo Sander.

Cooperating agencies were involved as well: Russian EMERCOM, Saint Petersburg Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, Baltic Search & Rescue Dept, and port authorities.

The exercise was divided into four phases:

Phase 1. Cooperation between border guard agencies of Russia, Finland, and Estonia while control over surface situation in the Gulf of Finland.
Phase 2. Release of captured vessel.
Phase 3. Rescue of people at sea.
Phase 4. Assistance to distressed vessel.

All four phases were performed excellently. It was generally agreed by all directors that all objectives were successfully met.


Source: rusnavy, August 9, 2011;