Navy’s Training Ship Brasil Pays Visit to St. Petersburg

Brazilian Navy’s training ship Brasil pays a visit to St. Petersburg in Aug 9-13. The ship moored at English Embankment at 10 am. Brasil is the most frequent guest among foreign ships calling at St. Petersburg; this is her 13th visit to the Russia’s “northern capital”.

Basically, the ship serves as a practice platform for naval cadets. Every year Brasil starts a long-range cruise in order to let cadets master their skills obtained in naval academy. For future naval officers, this long cruise is a final stage of training; they practice navigation, meteorology, tactics, emergency actions, ship steering, and everyday activities.

Visiting foreign ports under Brazilian national flag, training ship Brasil promotes strengthening of friendly relations all across the world. This year, the ship carries out her 25th training cruise. Largest ports of the world are on Brasil‘s route, including Saint Petersburg.

Official visits, solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery, visiting Central Naval Museum, cruiser Avrora and other historical sites are scheduled during the call to St. Petersburg.

The ship will be open for public throughout 3 days:

On Aug 10 – since 3 pm till 5 pm;
On Aug 11 – since 2 pm till 5 pm;
On Aug 12 – since 11 am till 5 pm.

A press conference took place onboard the ship on Aug 9 since 5 pm till 6 pm.


U-27 Brasil is a training ship of Brazilian Navy. Main purpose is training of Naval Academy’s cadets.

Displacement – 3,168/3,729 tons
Dimensions (m) – 131.3 x 13.5 x 4.2
Speed – 16 knots
Fuel range – 7,000 miles at 15 knots
Armament – two Bofors 40-mm gun mounts and four 47-mm saluting guns
Crew – 224 men plus 201 cadets
Commanding officer – Capt Luis Octavio Barros Coutinho


Source: rusnavy, August 10, 2011;