Russia: Northern Fleet to Pay Honors to SSN Kursk

Memorial activities related to 11th anniversary of perished nuclear-powered submarine Kursk will take place at Northern Fleet (NF) on Aug 12. Residents of Murmansk will lay wreaths at the monument to lost sailors.

In the fleet’s main naval base Severomorsk, wreaths will be laid at memorial plaque to Kursk crewmember Warrant Officer Sergei Chernyshov. The plaque was set in 12th high school where the submariner used to study. Remembrance meeting will take place at Roslyakovskoye Cemetery at the grave of Capt Lt Boris Galetin, the only native of Kursk city buried in Kola Peninsula.

Basic activities will be held in Vidyaevo Naval Base. Personnel of NF Nuclear Submarine Division will parade at the Memorial “To Submariners Lost at Sea” in the morning of Aug 12 to conduct remembrance meeting. Representatives of NF command and fleet’s submarine force as well as relatives of died submariners will lay wreaths to the memorial.

The memorial service will be carried out on the pier where SSN Kursk started her last cruise. Flowers and wreaths will be laid at a memorial plaque fixed on the radiation monitoring center and traditionally – on the sea.

At 11.24 am when an explosion occurred in the sub, all ships of Northern Fleet will half-mast St. Andrew’s flags. NF servicemen will pull off caps and pay honor to 118 lost submariners with minute of silence.


Source: rusnavy, August 11, 2011;