Russia: Phasotron-NIIR to Equip Ka-52K Helicopters with Zhuk-AE Radars


Aviation columnist Maxim Pyadushkin told to Aviation Week & Space Technology that Russian company Phasotron-NIIR was about to develop simplified version of phased array radar Zhuk-AE for prospective deck-based helicopter Ka-52K which is to be stationed on Mistral-class landing ships imported from France.

The helicopter radar should have mass only 80 kg (compare to 275 kg of airplane version based on multirole fighter MiG-35). Being equipped with such light-weight radar, helicopters would be capable to carry antiship guided missiles Kh-31 and Kh-35. The company plans to produce the first prototype of that radar in 2012.

Executive director of holding company Russian Helicopters Dmitry Petrov told to the American magazine that development of Ka-52K had been already started. The first sample is to be constructed in 2014, i.e. by the time when Russia would receive the first Mistral. The ships will be armed with mixed air wings consisting of attack helicopters Ka-52K and multipurpose helicopters Ka-29. Reportedly, Phasotron-NIIR has completed testing of mechanically scanned radar Arbalet for Ka-52 helicopters currently in service. First radars have been already delivered to Progress plant (Arseniev, Far East) which assembles Ka-52. First 4 helicopters were handed over to Russian Air Force in May 2011.

The company’s chief designer Yury Guskov expressed his disagreement with Indian commission as of MMRCA tender. Russian fighter MiG-35 competed in the tender, although failed due to allegedly low performance of Zhuk-AE radar. Prototype radar did meet India’s requirements and detected air targets at the range of 130 km. Take note, the prototype radar participated in the India’s tender had only 680 transceivers, while serially produced radar has 1 016 transceivers which increases detection range of air targets up to 250 km.

Source: rusnavy, August 22, 2011;