Russia to Test Submarine-Based Ballistic Missile Bulava in Current Month


By decision of state commission, next launch of submarine-based ballistic missile Bulava will be conducted in the current month, reports RIA Novosti referring to a Russian high-ranking military official.

“When the submarine sailed off the base to launch SLBM Bulava, the state commission concluded the test would be unpractical”, said the interviewee.

As for him, the failed test was related not to impossibility of the launch but to inexpediency.

“Taking into account close attention to the Bulava launches, it was decided to perform it only after re-verification of all parameters. We have no doubts that the missile will be commissioned, but considering its significance for national defense, we found it reasonable to check it once again”, said the interviewee.

Source: rusnavy, August 23, 2011;