China to Buy Russian Cruise Missiles


American research center Heritage Foundation published an article saying that China is interested in procurement of Russian cruise missiles Club to equip Type 93 nuclear-powered submarines, as well as Type 041 and Kilo-class submarines (two latter are supplied by Russia).

It is also said in the article that Russia promotes Club-K missile container system in the world arms market. The standard commercial container covers four cruise missiles with elevating mechanism; the system is maintained by two operators performing satellite communications and targeting. NATO classifies the Club missile as SS-N-27 Sizzler.

The press dubbed the Club-K container system as “Pandora’s box” as it can be placed even on commercial containerships. Reportedly, Club-K system interfaces with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems; besides, in prospect it can be compatible with Chinese Compass-2 and European Galileo.

According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, cruise missile Club is based on land-based RK-55 and air-based Kh-55 which are capable to carry 200-kt nuclear warheads. In addition, the Club missile can be equipped with electromagnetic warhead.

Being armed with Club-K missiles, a civilian ship can attack commercial vessels in narrow straits of Hormuz or Malacca and cause an unanticipated military conflict.

As for the article’s authors, China armed with such missiles on civil containerships may carry surprise attacks upon US naval bases. India can purchase Club-K as well to use against China or Pakistan. Other countries like Iran also may buy those systems when the UN lifts the ban. American analysts point out that the Club-K weapon system can undermine international trade principles. Those missiles can be based not only on sea containerships but on railway trains and wheeled trucks to deliver unexpected strikes. The authors write that intelligence bodies of the US and allies should pay close attention to that “Pandora’s box” in order to disclose threats in time.

Source: rusnavy, August 25, 2011;