Ships of Black Sea Joint Task Force Left Trabzon Heading for Varna, Bulgaria


Ships of Black Sea joint task force BLACKSEAFOR sailed off Turkish port Trabzon on Aug 23 and set a course for Bulgarian port Varna.

When being in Trabzon, the crews not only conducted various drills and protocol activities but visited cultural and historical sites of the Turkish city.

The multinational task force consisting of Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, and Ukrainian warships will perform numerous underway drills, such as control over surface situation, sailing in formations, tactical maneuvering, signaling and communications, observation over civil ships and airplanes, transshipment, interception and search of a “violator” vessel, organization of air defense, etc.

Current BLACKSEAFOR activation will finish on Aug 29; after that participating warships of Black Sea states will return to home bases.

Source: rusnavy, August 25, 2011;