Russia: PF Holds Large-Scale Exercise


Summer training period at Pacific Fleet (PF) is at its height. Large-scale exercise of PF Primorsk Flotilla had finished few days ago. The crews performed about one hundred various drills.

Several tactic exercises with different strike and antisubmarine groups of PF Primorsk Flotilla were conducted during summer training period.

Over fifteen warships and auxiliary vessels were involved in the maneuvers. Pilots of antisubmarine, attack, and fighter aviation of 3rd Air Force Command and Pacific Fleet passed the training along with mariners.

According to the exercise scenario, ASW aviation was supposed to find a submarine and target friendly ships. Crews of the ships were tasked to search and “destroy” the sub by ASW rocket launchers.

The main goal was to practice clear interaction between aviation and warships. One of the most spectacular episodes was repelling of air strike. Fighters and attack aircrafts trained to attack ships properly; crewmen held an antiaircraft drill.

The next phase of the 2-day exercise was gun firings at sea surface and simulated air target.

According to PF Primorsk Flotilla Commander Capt 1 rank Viktor Sokolov, all combat drills were completed quite good and in full scale. The commander distinguished missile boat tactical group headed by Capt 2 rank Oleg Kirikovich, and crews of small ASW ship Koreyets headed by Capt 3 rank Alexander Grigorash and large ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov headed by Capt 1 rank Petr Podkopailo.

Currently, the ships have returned to base, but will take the sea again in a week.

Source: rusnavy, August 29, 2011;