Russia: Baltic Fleet 1st Rank Training Ship Perekop Arrives at Kronshtadt


Baltic Fleet (BF) 1st rank training ship Perekop on Aug 27 moored at home quay in Kronshtadt after the 3-week cruise in the Baltic Sea.

Two hundred cadets from 3 academies – Peter the Great Naval Corps, the Popov Radioelectronic Naval School, and the Ushakov Baltic Naval School – have had navigation practice on board Perekop during the cruise.

The ship has covered about 3,500 nautical miles and three times called at Baltiysk, BF main naval base.

Cadets studying 10 specialties kept navigational and signal watches in specially furnished classrooms, substituted watch officers and steersmen. At the final phase of the cruise, training shifts competed in sport games, navigational plotting, and astronomic position-finding.

Summarizing the competitions, Chief of the Ushakov Baltic Naval School Rear Admiral A. Tsurkan who was the cruise commander handed over prizes, certificates, and pies to the winners. Despite the fact that there were cadets of different years and academies, the cruise has passed in friendly atmosphere, no problems and incidents occurred.

Source: rusnavy, August 31,2011;