USA: Chief of Naval Operations Approves Desert, Woodland Camouflage Final Designs


The Chief of Naval Operations gave his final approval for the design and wear policy for Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type I (blue digital pattern), NWU Type II (desert digital pattern) and NWU Type III (woodland digital pattern) Aug. 30 in NAVADMIN 259/11.

The NWU Type II will be worn by Navy Special Warfare (NSW) personnel, Sailors assigned to NSW units and Sailors assigned to units directly supporting NSW missions requiring a desert tactical uniform in theaters of operations. The NWU Type II will primarily be worn while deployed and during pre-deployment training. NAVADMIN 259/11 lists units designated to transition into the NWU Type II by June 1, 2012, along with the outfitting schedule.

Units not listed in the NAVADMIN that require the wear of a desert camouflage uniform for operations can submit requests through their chain of command to the Navy Uniform Board for Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) approval.

All non-NSW Sailors currently wearing the CUU (desert) will transition to the NWU Type III (woodland digital pattern) by June 1, 2012. The NAVADMIN lists units transitioning to the NWU Type III and the outfitting schedule. A maternity version of the NWU Type III will also be fielded.

The NAVADMIN aligns the occasion for wear policy for NWU Type II and III with the policy for NWU Type I. NAVADMIN 259/11 outlines the complete wear policy for NWU Type II and III.

For the NWU Type I, the new guidance allows Sailors to wear the fleece parka liner in 90 days and describes the proper wear of the liner.

Included in this update is an authorization for members of the U.S. Coast Guard to wear the NWU Type III , as well as an authorization for them to wear the NWU Type II when directly supporting NSW units requiring a desert tactical uniform.
Source: navy, August 31,2011;