Navy Officials Discuss Enlisted Retention Board, Personnel Information Aboard USS Simpson


Representatives from Navy Personnel Command’s (NPC) fleet engagement team visited with Sailors on board USS Simpson (FFG 56) Aug. 30 and discussed force management programs including the Enlisted Retention Board (ERB).

The team is currently embarked on a three-day trip to meet with Sailors in Jacksonville and Mayport, Fla. to discuss the latest personnel policy and initiatives impacting the fleet.

“Fleet engagement visits benefit Sailors by allowing them to be best informed on the personnel programs that are important to them,” said Master Chief Quartermaster (SW/AW) Andy Millar, senior enlisted advisor for NPC’s enlisted distribution division. “This is an opportunity for Sailors to hear first-hand from a detailing perspective how programs work and it allows them to make informed career decisions.”

Representatives from the enlisted distribution division and enlisted community managers met on the deckplates with Simpson Sailors and provided information on detailing, Fleet RIDE/Perform to Serve (FR-PTS), community management, manning and related force management topics that impact Sailors.

“ERB is probably one of the biggest things Sailors are concerned about right now, followed by FR-PTS,” said Millar, who has already met this year with Sailors in Hawaii, Bahrain, Washington and Norfolk.

Approximately 15,500 eligible Sailors from 31 overmanned rates will be reviewed by the two-phase ERB. Phase I convened Aug. 22 and is reviewing eligible E-4 and E-5 Sailors. Phase II will convene in September and will review eligible E-6, E-7 and E-8 Sailors.

Sailors eligible for the second phase have until Sept. 6 to review their official military personnel file and submit any correspondence for the Phase II board to consider. See NAVADMIN 129/11 for procedures to submit correspondence.

The fleet engagement team visited USS Hue City (CG-66) and Naval Station Mayport earlier in the week and will meet with Sailors on Naval Air Station Jacksonville before returning to Millington. Fleet engagement trips are coordinated with regional command career counselors.

The next trip is scheduled to reach out to Sailors serving overseas in Japan. The team will visit bases in Sasebo, Yokosuka and Atsugi, Japan Sept. 8-14. Sailors can contact their command career counselor for exact times and locations.

“I certainly encourage Sailors to come out and attend one of our briefs and ask questions about matters that impact their career,” said Millar. “There are limited opportunities to speak directly with detailer, placement and community manager representatives.”

Source: navy, September 1, 2011;