Russia: BF Military Council Convenes Meeting in Kaliningrad


Session of Baltic Fleet (BF) Military Council was held in Kaliningrad under the guidance of BF Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov; the subject was the fleet’s everyday problems, fire and explosion safety at the fleet’s assets, and anti-corruption measures.

Also, representatives of BF command and chiefs of services also analyzed economic activities in the fleet’s military units and organizations. BF Coast Defense Division commanders, Baltiysk Naval Base Commander and chief of the fleet’s depot delivered their reports. BF Military Council determined main guidelines how to prevent financial violations and losses.

During the session of the BF Military Council, Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov handed over awards to distinguished servicemen. In accordance with defense minister’s decree, BF Coast Defense Deputy Commander Col. Oleg Darzhapov was awarded medal “For Military Merits” (2nd grade) for active participation and conduct of festive activities associated with 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Servicemen of BF Marine Division – combat training officer Maj. Pavel Boldyrev, head of the test range Maj. Alexander Mosin, and marine company deputy commander Capt Vasily Fedorov – were awarded with medals “For Comradeship-in-Arms”. Air defense officer Col. Andrei Getmanenko and squad leader Snr. Sgt. Valery Taranenko received medals “For Excellent Participation in Military Parade”.

In accordance with defense minister’s decree, a number of BF servicemen received citation for complete professionalism, rational initiative, and insistence displayed during preparation and conduct of the Russian Navy Day festive events.

Source: rusnavy, September 1, 2011;