USA: Navy Personnel Command Seeks Applicants for Enlisted Selection Boards


Navy Personnel Command announced Sept. 2 that it is seeking senior enlisted leaders to serve on Fiscal Year 2013 active-duty and reserve E-9, E-8 and E-7 selection boards.

“Participation by senior leaders in selection boards is paramount to the Navy’s future,” said Navy Personnel Command ( NPC ) Force Master Chief (AW/SW/NAC) Jon Port. “You should consider it a fundamental duty that when you’re promoted to a certain pay grade, it’s your responsibility to go back and select those who will relieve you.”

A master chief’s career is not considered complete until they have participated as a member of an enlisted selection board, according to Port. There are approximately 2,600 master chief petty officers in the Navy and every individual not otherwise restricted from participating in a selection board is strongly encouraged to volunteer.

Master chiefs are the senior enlisted advisors to the chief’s mess and guide Sailors to make the right career choices, so they continue to develop and promote,” said Port. “You can’t truly know how to advise your Sailors until you have sat the selection board process yourself and understand what goes into it, how records are reviewed and how the integrity of the board comes together.”

Active and reserve component master chiefs are encouraged to apply for any of the above boards. Frocked master chiefs may also participate in the selection board process. There is no restriction on active-duty serving on reserve boards or reserve/full-time support serving on active boards.

Senior chief petty officers may also serve on the active or reserve E-7 boards as either members or recorders. They may only serve as recorders on the E-9 or E-8 boards. Chief petty officers may serve as recorders on E-9, E-8 and E-7 selection boards.

Preserving the integrity of the selection board process before, during and after a board is vital to the reliability of the board, said Port. It is also important that prospective candidates submit their application on their own behalf. Forwarding via administrative personnel will compromise board membership and could invalidate their application. Only those in an applicant’s chain of command or their fleet/force master chief need to know of their participation on a selection board. Participation on a future board should not be discussed with fellow members while serving on an earlier board.

Potential board members are charged with preserving board information the moment they are officially notified by NPC that they have been chosen to sit on a promotion selection board.

Source: navy, September 5, 2011;