BF Minesweeping Group Returns to Baltiysk, Russia


Baltic Fleet (BF) minesweeping group headed by Capt 1 rank Pavel Prosekov has successfully accomplished all tasks of international minesweeping exercise Open Spirit 2011 and returned to Baltiysk.

Eighteen warships from Russia, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and France took part in the recent exercise.

The international task group spent 14 out of 19 days at sea. BF task unit consisting of harbor minesweepers BT-230 and Sergei Kolbasiev took part in mine-search operation in the central part of Irbensky Strait. Russian soundmen detected 9 mine-like objects and transmitted their coordinate to Latvian command ship Virsaitis. In total, joint minesweeping group has found and destroyed about 40 bottom and anchor mines, and 2 torpedoes of WW2.

During practice with Norwegian air-cushion minesweeper Alta, Russian sailors effectively carried out drills on sweep assembling and outstripped the required time. Foreign colleagues were surprised at splendid teamwork and quickness of Russian crews.

At the meeting ceremony in Baltiysk, BF Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Sergei Farkov pointed out that the excellent results at the Open Spirit exercise had become the Baltic Fleet’s good tradition. Distinguished personnel were awarded gifts, certificates, and commendations.

Source: rusnavy, September 7, 2011;